Vintage Scan #40: Parade (January 3, 1971)

The fact that an actual London bridge dating back to 1831 was dismantled (1967) and rebuilt (1971) in an Arizona desert is absolutely insane.  Yet here it is.  Even more insane is the TV movie Bridge Across Time (1985) starring David Hasselhoff and Randolph Mantooth - where this relocated bridge brings with it the spirit of Jack the Ripper and a new string of murders.

Anyway, here are some pages from Parade (January 3, 1971).  Enjoy.

Pick any 3?  I'll take Led Zeppelin II, Steppenwolf, and Jim Nabors please.

An interesting article on cinematic nudity....

"There was a period when no casting direc­tor in Holly­wood would ask any actress to play any role in the nude. In today's permis­sive age, however, nudity is taken for granted, especially by young aspir­ing actresses—even veteran ones.

In her next film, "Desperate Characters," Shirley MacLaine, who's been around for a good 15 years, will play a scene in the altogether.

Explains one Hollywood casting official: "Years ago nudity in films was prohibited by the code. Nowadays, we have practi­cally no code, and the industry is fighting for survival. It's all good and well to talk about clean, wholesome, family films but look what's do­ing the business: 'Sexual Freedom in Denmark,' 'He and She,' 'Mash,' 'Diary of a Mad Housewife.' They all feature at least some nudity.

"Family films like 'Dr. Dolittle,' 'Hello, Dolly!,' 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips' — families just won't pa­tronize them. Times have changed, and the young players have changed with them. If a scene calls for nudity, I mean if it's not pornographic, hardly any young actress will say 'No.' "

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that

"no photograph of the female anatomy, no matter how posed, if no sexual activity is being engaged in, or however lacking in social value, can be held obscene."

Three months ago 20th Century-Fox released a film, "Vanishing Point," in which actress Gilda Texter was shown riding a motorcycle in the nude. Since the script called fo it, Gilda took it right in stride."

You too can own your own pocket recorder for the low, low price of $89.98.  Adjusted for inflation, that's about $530.00!

Sometimes you want a cigarette.  Sometimes you just want good grammar.

More on the insanity that is the London Bridge in Arizona.

I thought bra burning parties were the 'in thing' around this time.

A completely pointless article on dating - interesting only because the "Keeping Up With Youth" article is conveniently positioned next to an addiction ad.

Kent, Tareyton, Winston and Marlboro I'm sure were pleased with the free advertising - especially the positive words.  An odd marketing tactic to say the least.

I can't help it - I loved the flamboyant Rip Taylor.  This is just a few years before the dude went off the rails.

No.  Plus sized women should not be liberated too.  Lose some weight and we'll talk.

An electric moist heat pad sounds disgusting.  Does this still exist?


  1. The "good grammar or good taste" ad campaign by Winston was due to a "Grammar Nazi" pointing out that their slogan "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should" was wrong. The correct usage should have been "Winston tastes good AS a cigarette should". It was lampooned on Cheech & Chong's sketch "Acapulco Gold Filters".

  2. This is weird. I was looking at the photo of the lady holding the bras and I thought, "That one is the bra Rip Taylor used to hold up and say "Well look who's back in town!" Next thing I know, I looking at a photo of Rip Taylor.

    1. "Next thing I know, I'm looking at a photo of Rip Taylor" - wasn't that his shtick? To just pop out of nowhere as a cameo flamboyantly throwing confetti and such. In the 70s, he was everywhere. No one was safe.

  3. Re cinematic nudity article: You can tell right away that this is an American magazine,because this is the land where every single nipple that might appear in a movie is publicized and analyzed and agonized over. Forget 1971, remember Janet Jackson? No nipple there and still grounds for an FCC holy war.
    Re the Vanishing Point actress, I recall the director in the DVD commentary mentioning that she had to sit on a dangerously hot motorcycle seat in the desert for that ride.Rip Taylor was great in "The $1.99 Beauty Contest".

  4. You know, while none of the jokes under Rip Taylor's favorites made me laugh, they honestly weren't as abysmally bad as most of the jokes in Parade. Anyway, I've always liked Rip Taylor.

  5. Rip Taylor's jokes are fascinating because they are so dated both in topics and the type of humor. They pretty much all fall totally flat now.

    If you want to see a joke book that really illustrates how much humor has changed in the last 50 years, try to get your hands on the book "Tell Me Another Joke" from 1964. When I was a kid, I thought that joke book was totally awesome. Now, you read the jokes, and they are so dated...and some of them SO inappropriate for kids.

  6. Man, I had one of those cube calendars. Someone must have given it to me as a gift. I doubt I'd buy it for my self.