Vintage Wheels #23: Motorcycle Advertising

As I cruise to work each day in my Jetta, it is with a bit of envy that I look upon my fellow commuters on two wheels.  Sure it's less safe, sure they can't enjoy the Little River Band's Greatest Hits in air conditioned comfort... but they look so much cooler than I.

Here's a handful of motorcycle advertisements for your viewing enjoyment.  No surprise that the majority operate on the sex-sells principle.  After all, we're not selling tax filing software here... we're selling motorcycles dammit.

Note: technically some of these come from brochures - so, this post should read "Motorcycle Promotional Material", but let's not get lost in semantics.

This seems a wee bit unsafe.

Did she just have an accident? Somebody call an ambulance.

Well, she's got her upper body well protected.

I'm having a hard time focusing on the bike; her outfit (obviously recycled curtains) is a tad distracting.


  1. I've owned a couple of the Kawasaki Mach-III triples in my life.

    Scary quick up to about 110MPH. The sucker would push you back on the seat so hard you almost hit the taillight!

    Didn't handle anywhere near as sweet as my Yamaha RD-400, but then the Yamaha wasn't as fast until I modified it a bit.

  2. As always, nothing sells a product better than sex! Yes!

  3. Vroom! Loving Patsy Stone in the first pic. Looks like Robert Shaw being a boss in the second to last, but probably isn't. Great post!

  4. Isn't that Samantha Fox in the Cross Bow ad? Yes, now looking at the fine print, it's verified. Naughty Girls need motorcycles too!

  5. And Joanna Lumley in the first photo.

  6. I find it funny that the BSA ads pronounced it Beeza, when everybody I've ever known says Beezer, which is a play on Beemer (for BMW cycles - Bimmer is for the cars).

    I bought a new Triumph Scrambler a few years ago - my first cycle. Best decision I ever made.

    Harley should get back to making cool cycles like that SX-250 again. I liked them better when AMF owned them. More versatile and less stupid-tattooed scraggly-bearded tough-guy wanna-be bullshit.

    1. Harley never made the sx 250, they just sold them. Some Wop outfit in Italy produced the bike. There were a few models to choose from, all junk. Just like AMF, all junk. They were only versatile if you had access to a torch and a welder and some brains.

  7. Okaqy, I will give you the other comments, but you have to LOVE #14 from the top ( https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5709/21193816152_f867aca10b_b.jpg )

    I would LOVE to ride a motorcycle in a dress like that. Tale about the Wild Wild West !!