Food & Drink #21: Meat

Vegans, shield your eyes.  You're about to enter an All-70s-Meat-Zone, and it's not going to be pretty... in fact, it's going to be pretty damn disgusting.  Unless you have a soft spot for sausage casing production and hog carcass washing, this may get a little bit grisly.

These images come to you from a trade magazine Meat Processing (Vol 16, No 11, 1977).  Roll the meat!...

"Meeting the ever increasing demand for natural casings on a businesslike basis never has been a nice, little neighborhood concept, as those who have tried and failed can attest."

Yep.  The sausage casing biz has always been a cut throat, dog-eat-dog venture.  Do you have what it takes?  Do you have the.... guts?

"Automatic Hog Carcass Polisher quickly removes scurf and singed hair from entire carcass..."  (insert sound of dry heaving)

"So you always thought crowns were for royalty.  Here's one for you!"  Introducing, the Sausage Crown.

I'd be lying if I said this illustration didn't trouble me deeply.

Nice to see they took care to make the meat appear sanitary and appealing.

Mmm-mmm.  Love me some honey baked ham marinated in erythorbate.  Deeelish!

Strongly considering giving up meat entirely... okay, not entirely, but a little.  Okay, not at all.  But I'm still repulsed.

Ah, yes.  A down-home country cook book, courtesy Griffith Laboratories.  They're still around and have a website - and their food looks a lot more presentable these days.

You almost never see meat advertising today with such a thick layer of fat.

"And with Vista you eliminate sausage problems - discoloration, fat capping, or fat pockets."

Who wants discolored sausages with fat pockets - when you can have synthetic meat analogues?

The best damned boxed beef bag on the market.

Savortex - the "sausage and loaf improver".  I've got to say, my meat saturation levels have been reached..... a few more for the road.

And finally, the cover of the trade magazine that brought us such glorious images of meat.  Until next time.  END


  1. From the Neck-A-Matic copy. "Removes all bone dust and blood clots and 800 hogs per hour". This is a sentence I never imagined existing.

    I found the sausage crown to be very disturbing. Who would serve such a thing?

    And finally, the Wolfson Casing Corp ad. Yeah that's pretty disturbing. It would have been better perhaps if he were offering her the "sausage".

  2. The last one- for real? CHUB? No way...