The Horshack Redemption #29: There's Nothing Out There (1991)

Gilligan and the Professor count down their top three best and worst vampire movies of all time, then head into the 1991 horror film "There's Nothing Out There". As always there's plenty of discussion about the gratuitous nudity, the film's "drinking game" and the usual bounty of pop culture connections. Enjoy!

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Screen Shot Gallery

The amazing opening scene in a video store.  A great look at a ton of old horror VHS tapes.

If you went to high school in the 80s, this classroom will look very familiar.  Yeah, I know the film is from '91, but it took three years to receive a theatrical release; so, this is really a look at 1988.

The cool cocky "teenager" and his hot popular girlfriend.  Every slasher film has 'em.

Poor Nick (left) has the most annoying friend on the planet, Mike (right)

The soon to be dead Janet and Dave with annoying Mike.

Doreen and Jim decide to skinny dip.  Never a wise move in a horror movie.

Mike and Stacy are all that's left; the rest are well on their way to either being alien food.

Mike, Stacy and Nick come up with an ingenious plan.... and somehow it involves lots of light bulbs.


  1. Man, I love "There's Nothing Out There". It's such a great, underrated film and watching it, you have to wonder if the makers of "Scream" (yes, you Wes Craven) watched it and 'borrowed' a few ideas.

  2. Great review guys, another classic!