TV Guide #10: April 21-27, 1979

Check out what was on the week of April 21st 1979.  Enjoy.

Before we get into the programming, there's a few advertisements to wade through...

The 1980s are almost here.  Time to embrace "a whole new kind of compact car" - the Chevy Citation.

Kind of odd that Exxon is going into such detail about their compressed uranium pellets.  What with the "no nukes" movement around this time.

Hey, K-mart jeans for under ten bucks! I'm sure they won't have any fancy designs on the back pockets (these aren't Jordache, after all), but they're perfectly acceptable mom-jeans.

A lot of choices this Saturday morning: a special on teenage parents, Fat Albert uncovers a liar, Superfriends, Space Academy, and The Fabulous Poodles on American Bandstand.

A 6.5 hour special on the upcoming Olympics starring Bruce Jenner and O.J. Simpson.  Should be a treat.

It's a regular Fred Travalena marathon this weekend, with Fred appearing on both The Love Boat and the aforementioned Olympic special.

A closer look at "Men Under Siege: Life with the Modern Woman"...

Man, I'd give anything to see this.  It's not on YouTube yet.  It's easy to underestimate how massive a cultural change the women's movement was, and how it transformed everyday life.  We've talked a lot about it on Retrospace - this video would be a wonder to behold.

Whew! was a lousy game show as I recall.  The cast of villains was perhaps a little overhyped considering they were just poor cardboard cutouts.

Burnett, clutching the flag, trying desperately to break out of comedy.

Also, kind of depressing that they were discussing balancing the budget back in 1979... and they're still discussing it.

I love how the ad highlights four daytime soap operas.... and MASH reruns.

Ayds had been around since at least the 1950s; then, with the AIDS epidemic, suddenly became a macabre joke.

Avery Schreiber was one of those faces that was popping up everywhere in the 1970s, then dropped off the face of the earth.

Veronica Corningstone on Action News 4.  Note Bill Cosby is on Carson tonight.

I say this with every TV Guide post: I really miss the movies they played.  Mamie Van Doren as an ex stripper turned professor in "Beauty and the Robot" - sounds like something I'd love.

Also, Billy Crystal co-hosts Mike Douglas with Maureen "Poseidon Adventure" McGovern.

I watched the hell out of Real People back in the day; even preferred it to That's Incredible.  Skip Stevenson and Sarah Purcell were great.

Also on tonight, a plethora of killer choices: The Six Million Dollar Man, Merv Griffin's son performs with his band Karma Rock, a groovy Afterschool Special with animation, and the Gong Show!  Add to that, Judy Landers and Rip Taylor doing charades and Siskel & Ebert reviewing "Hair"; you've got a winner evening ahead of you!

Wow.  With this much hype and Vincent Price, you'd think I'd remember Time Express.  But then, it ran up against Mork & Mindy, so it's no wonder I missed it.

A couple major league hotties on the Wayne Newton special: Barbara Eden and Adrienne Barbeau.

Sweet Lord - it's not just a Susan Anton special - it's a regular series!  I remember her from her ubiquitous poster (with world famous camel toe), and not much else.  Who knew she'd be singing with Big Bird and Martin Mull on the season premier of her own show?

I had that Doonesbury book, and check out the original hardcover for The Stand.  Nice.

Well that's all for today. See you next time.  And don't forget to take your Plenamins.


  1. Susan Anton, Avery Schrieber, Lola Falana. They were on every single TV show in the 70's. Every week.
    Where are they now?

    1. Please look up russian airline video on YouTube. Shades of 1975!.....

  2. "Beauty and the Robot" was originally released as "Sex Kittens Go to College" with Elektro from the 1939 World's Fair as Thinko the Robot.

  3. I think I watched the first Presenting Susan Anton episode. It also had Joyce DeWitt singing "I Believe In Love" (which was not in TVG's capsulized review) and Dick Wilson, the actor who played Mr. Whipple.

  4. Since the U.S. ended up boycotting the 1980 Moscow Olympics I wonder what happened to all the money that Jenner and O.J. collected?
    Time Express seems similar to a Twilight Zone episode that featured Julie Newmar as the devil (Yes that was as good as you probably think it was) who sends an old miser back to his youth via a train ride so he could decide between wealth and romance.

    1. By the way, a fairly young John Delancy, the future Q, of Star Trek TNG fame shows up on this first episode of Time Express as the potential donor.

  5. About the little ad for the local VCR repair shop. I remember that 1979 is very near the beginning of the VCR era. I know we didn't get one until the late 1980s. Anyway, that shop is now a automobile upholstery shop according to Google street view.

  6. The Chevy Citation...that's awesome, because it was such an ugly car. One family friend had a Citation, another had a Pontiac Phoenix, which was just a rebranded Citation with slightly different styling.

  7. Too bad you were stuck with that Salt Lake City edition. Always been a marginal TV market. And having ABC on CH 4 is even stranger!!