Mini Skirt Monday #201: Minis in Plaid (Part 3)

It's becoming a tradition to do a plaid miniskirt post every two years.  The last was in 2013 and the first in 2011.  So, before 2015 runs out, here's part three.  Enjoy.


Double Feature #16: Nurse Comedies

Young Nurses in Love (1989)/Naughty Nymphs (1972)

Tonight's Double Feature takes a look at two comedies from different decades and different continents, both featuring nurses.  Enjoy the shows.


The Horshack Redemption #31: Blood Freak (1972)

As we do every podcast, the Professor and I dish up:
  • Your recommendations of what's in the theater or on TV,
  • This week's top 3 list: Ways childhood is different today than in the 1970s.
  • And the movie review: Blood Freak (1972)
What will the drinking game for this film be? Will the Professor and I share the same opinion of the film? And,. most importantly, is there gratuitous nudity to discuss?
Join us for another round of retro-babble, dumbed-down movie critiques, and an overload of trivial pop culture connections.  Enjoy the show!


Read on for the screenshot gallery:


Mini Skirt Monday #200

Mini Skirt Monday started back in February of 2009; and here we are, closing in on the end of 2015 and I'm proud to say MM is still going strong.

I tried to think of a creative way of celebrating the occasion, but in the in the end, I just opted for bringing you a mini from first 100 episodes of Mini Skirt Monday (doing all 200 would be a miniskirt overload).  Enjoy!


Cinema #39: Strapped to the Slab in the Mad Scientist's Lab

We're all familiar with the well-worn trope of the mad scientist - it's been done a million times on film.  TV Tropes characterizes the typical mad scientist as speaking with a fake Central European accent, is generally accompanied by a hunchbacked sidekick of some description, and often will engage in Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.

But perhaps his most common trait is his propensity to strap a maiden to a slab and prepare for mad experimentations.... I say "prepare", because he is rarely able to complete his diabolical ambitions. Typically, she's saved in standard damsel-in-distress fashion, by the hero or the scientist's own mad creations.

Let's have a look at some such scenes - I've rounded up a healthy supply, but am well aware this isn't a comprehensive list.  But, please, volunteer your own for ones I've missed.


Pulp Pages #6: My Confession (May 1975)

It's 1975, you're a housewife standing in the checkout line at your grocery store.  Chances are this tawdry rag is on a shelf nearby... and, chances are, you flip through it and are intrigued by the promise of lurid tales and sexual misconduct.  So, you drop it in your cart on top of the Wonder Bread next to the box of Count Chocula.   Your husband won't be home for a few hours; there'll be plenty of time to read before starting on the casserole....


Viva VHS #17: Action!

VHS covers in the action genre could be, well, let's just say 'a tad over-the-top'.  They definitely promised a lot more than they could deliver; but, if you were a true video store junkie in the 80s, you didn't much care.  You knew going in that the grade-Z action flick filmed in the Philipines was never going to live up to the box art.... yet, you rented anyway.  There was always the potential that maybe, just maybe, the promises of the cover would be fulfilled.

Of course, sometimes the covers were absolute shit.  Many of the ones that follow fall squarely into that category.  Let's take a look at what's on the racks of the action section of our local Retrospace Video Rental Warehouse....

The Horshack Redemption #30: Summer School (1978)

In this episode, The Professor and Gilligan discuss the 1978 film Summer School (AKA Mag Wheels).  The Top 3 List for this week is: favorite SNL recurring characters.  Enjoy!


Read on for the Summer School screenshot gallery.


Comic Books #64: I'm in Love with a Truck Drivin' Man

It's 1966, so the truck driver worship of the 70s hadn't yet begun.  Instead, we find a sort-of anti-trucker sentiment prevailing this quaint little story from Career Girl Romances of love lost and found at a truck stop....


The Vintage Home #22: Bathroom '80

It's the dawning of the 1980s; time to give a new look to your 1970s bathroom.  This magazine (Homeowner's How-To) from September 1980 has some remodeling and redecorating ideas to take you out of the disco era and into the exciting eighties in a feature called "Bathrooms for the 80s".  Let's have a look...


Double Feature #15: The Case for Swingers

Take a Girl Like You (1970) /A Guide for the Married Man (1967)

Both of these movies are basically feature length manifestos for swinging.  In the case of Take a Girl Like You, Oliver Reed spends the entire film convincing Haley Mills to give up her virginity. In A Guide for the Married Man, Robert Morse spends the entire film explaining to Walter Matthew how to effectively cheat on his wife.

I actually watched these back-to-back, and was amazed at how similar they are.  Both boil down to arguments for swinging - a hot topic at the dawn of the sexual revolution.


Vintage Men's Mags #42: After Hours

After Hours was a relatively short lived men's magazine that really played the hipster vibe to its maximum.  It was all about jazz, the Rat Pack, cocktails, Vegas, sports cars, and, of course, pretty ladies.

Make yourself a martini, light up a Chesterfield, and let's have a look inside....


Mini Skirt Monday #199: Little Red Short Dress

"Little Red Short Dress" - Well, I tried to make it sound like the Prince song, but it didn't quite work.  Well, I think you'll forgive me once you've traveled through this grand tour through red miniskirt-land.  Enjoy.