Comic Books #64: I'm in Love with a Truck Drivin' Man

It's 1966, so the truck driver worship of the 70s hadn't yet begun.  Instead, we find a sort-of anti-trucker sentiment prevailing this quaint little story from Career Girl Romances of love lost and found at a truck stop....

Our story begins with Eula Blake, a waitress at a truck stop, silently hating on truckers....

And, of course, her boss is a complete dick.  At least Mel Sharples had a heart of gold; Tad has no soul.

In addition to that prick Tad, Poor Eula has to put up with sexual harassment all day long by old pervy truckers.

Then things escalate, and it starts to get rapey.

But before the sexual assault can get underway, Eula is saved by her knight in shining armor.

Her savior is Len Bates, a dashing stranger who offers her a lift home in his badass ride.  She's only too quick to hop in.

On the ride home, Eula's attraction intensifies.

Len could have probably gone straight to home base, but he's a gentleman and asks her out on a date.  They take in a drive-in movie.

The truck stop waitress is one hundred percent lovestruck.

Naturally, they head back to her place...

Eula is ready to make sweet, sweet love, but all Len can do is talk about his finances.  Where is this leading?  Oh, snap...

Len is literally proposing to Eula after only knowing her a few hours.  This is a little intense.... a bit creepy I think.  (Note: His last name is Bates)

She tells him to calm the f**k down, and give it a little time.  But in a few days, her decision is inevitable...

After their engagement, Eula finally decides to ask Len a question...

Are you kidding me?  She's just now asking what he does for a living?

Wait for it...

This is too awesome for words.  If this were a Tales from the Crypt comic, it would end here, with Eula screaming NOOOO!, condemned to a life with a trucker.  Instead, it continues...

She tells Len to get lost, and collapses in tears on the sofa.

The next day, Eula returns to work.  But Tad will have none of her weepy, boo-hooing on his watch.

Like Superman, Len is always there to save his damsel in distress.

Eula obviously has a fetish for guys who can throw a good punch, because that's all it takes to renew their engagement....

And so it ends.  What have we learned here, folks?

  1. Not all truckers are rapists.  
  2. Being a truck stop waitress is a really bad career choice.
  3. Violence can be a turn-on.
  4. And, finally, if you work at a dirty truck stop and you've got nothing to live for, you might as well marry a good looking trucker with a sweet ride.  


  1. linking, this coming Friday. Also added you to my blogroll

  2. Within a couple of hours, he proposed to her- and never warned her he was a truck driver?!?! Wait a minute- why is she so snobby when she's just a waitress whose life is spent daydreaming and being hit on by truck drivers?

  3. Girls - NEVER marry a man who proposes to you before you've even managed to memorise his name!

  4. Probably the daughter of a truck driver/truck stop waitress destined to be a truck driver's wife who will squeeze out a couple of future truck drivers/truck driver's wives.

  5. Oh Career Girl Romances. Where would we be without you?