Mini Skirt Monday #199: Little Red Short Dress

"Little Red Short Dress" - Well, I tried to make it sound like the Prince song, but it didn't quite work.  Well, I think you'll forgive me once you've traveled through this grand tour through red miniskirt-land.  Enjoy.

I'm pulling from catalogs, advertising, movie stills, magazine scans,... you name it - if it's red and it's short, it's in.

Also, I'm going to try and bring you a fresh batch of minis - trying to avoid too many old repeats from previous MM posts; however, some need multiple exposures - a second look isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Sears catalog 1969

 We did a two-part coverage of Brady Bunch minis: Mini Skirt Monday Numbers 171 and #172

Wendy Richard from Are You Being Served?

Spiegel Christmas 1972

His expression is classic.  This would have worked well with Miniskirt Monday #191.

Edy Williams in an episode of Batman.  [Note:  I recently promised a Batman themed Miniskirt Monday, but it's been delayed.  My copy of the DVD went MIA.  Stay tuned though - same bat channel)

From the film Starship Eros (1980)

Seventeen magazine 1970

These are from an Alan Funt (Candid Camera) movie called What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?  In this scene a guy makes a woman think an aerosol spray causes orgasms.  It has to be seen.

The lovely truck stop waitresses from the movie Highballin' (1978)

Leslie Warren from Mission Impossible.  An entire post devoted to the lovely Dana Lambert and her plentiful minis here.

 See Mini Skirt Monday #114 for Kelly Bundy minis

I can't even begin to cover all the lovely red minis on Star Trek - that would be a post unto itself.  And in fact it is: Mini Skirt Monday #152

Gabrielle Drake in Au Pair Girls (1972)



  1. Awesome! You might have also included that shot of Joan Delaney in "The President's Analyst" from Coburn's paranoid restaurant dream. Joan is also in "Don't Drink the Water" on TCM this week.

  2. Another excellent Mini-Skirt Monday! Thank you for the flashback.

  3. I see that Wendy Richards is wearing her atomic dress - 90% fallout.

  4. HA! Another classic MSM, but the real winner here is Chas & Dave, WTF?! LOL!

  5. fantastic!!!

  6. all miniskirt mondays should be packaged into one easy to download file