The Horshack Redemption #30: Summer School (1978)

In this episode, The Professor and Gilligan discuss the 1978 film Summer School (AKA Mag Wheels).  The Top 3 List for this week is: favorite SNL recurring characters.  Enjoy!


Read on for the Summer School screenshot gallery.

Steve and Anita meet on the beach.  Check out the cool jam box.

One of many showdowns between latent lesbian Jill and studboy Steve.

Steve, catching hell over flirting with the new girl.

Scenes inside the Boogie Bowl are amazing; vintage arcade games and pinball, with lots of wayward teens - what could be better?

Steve is flirting, once again, with Anita, the new girl who happens to work at the Boogie Bowl.

The public shaming of the pledge throughout the film is painfully cringeworthy.

Steve's catchphrases are classic: "Stand aside, 'cause these chicks are OUTRAGEOUS!"

It's party time in Texas Canyon. Much alcohol is drunk, and much weed is smoked.

Don't blink or you might miss the one black guy in this film.

If you have a T-shirt that says "Get Down", you're cool in my book.

Stunt Cycle, Sprint and Break Out.

Back in school, the kids get taught about rape.  A typical 70s classroom that's about to erupt into violence...

Anita beats the crap out of Steve's bitchy girlfriend.

"You think I'm gonna sweat the fuzz when you give me this?"  Steve is enraged.  It's time for a "Drag Out" at Table Rock.  He tells Anita that someone's gonna die because of her.  "Stick that in your pipe and smoke it."

Is Anita dead?  Listen to the podcast and find out?


  1. Another great episode, guys, but I have one question. Near the end of this pod, it is mentioned that neither of you two have usually seen these movies before. So just how do you go about selecting films to watch? Just curious. Still looking forward to the next one!

    1. I typically select the films (and force the Prof to watch them). At first we were choosing anything that was on Netflix Instant that looked to fit our lowbrow tastes. The last ten or so have been chosen the old fashioned way - the VHS cover or movie poster art. I'll get the film, add it to my collection of crap, and rip it for the Professor to view. It's a pretty random, half-assed method, but we're going with it.

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