Vintage Men's Mags #42: After Hours

After Hours was a relatively short lived men's magazine that really played the hipster vibe to its maximum.  It was all about jazz, the Rat Pack, cocktails, Vegas, sports cars, and, of course, pretty ladies.

Make yourself a martini, light up a Chesterfield, and let's have a look inside....

Volume 1, Number 3 from 1957 contains a special section called "Las Vegas Folio".  Here's an article within it on the cheesecake:

GLAMOROUS GIRLS, inspired cameramen and heav­enly surroundings are all the ingredients needed to turn the cogs in the imaginative heads of Las Vegas press agents.

Possibly because of the abundance of natural raw ma­terial, possibly because some of the country's most beau­tiful girls naturally flock to Vegas, and possibly because Vegas is the most exciting spot in America—the Las Vegas brand of cheesecake has emerged as the champion eye-stopper in the very competitive cheesecake league.

As long as there are lithe, sun-tanned goddesses pranc­ing about the hotel grounds, the Vegas press agent need only snap his camera, compose a clever caption, and he's practically guaranteed a spot on page 5 of your local newspaper. And chances are that spot will be spotted by 99% of your town's male population. The other 1% will be spending their vacation in Las Vegas, of course.


LADY LUCK PAID OFF handsomely for Sandra Giles who posed for the painting "Lady Luck," portions of which can be seen in back of Miss Giles. The oil painting was commissioned by the Hotel Fremont for its opening last year and Sandra was engaged by the artist to pose for it. When the painting was unveiled, Sandra screamed protest at the very, very nude figure and claimed she had posed in a bathing suit. Another kind of suit against the hotel brought Sandra a sizeable settlement with the proviso that the painting be banned

WITHIN AN ACE—Carol Hill, 22-year-old dancer, dreams of the possibili­ties of winning the $5000 cash jackpot being offered for a hole in one at the Hacienda golf course.

DANCER LYNN BARTON poses by the pool following her award as Miss Las Vegas Riviera of 1957. Miss Barton, a native of Philadelphia, is a featured dan­cer in the Riviera floor show.

TWO STELLAR AT­TRACTIONS in the colorful "Minsky Goes to Paris" review cur­rently being featured at the Dunes Hotel.

MARIE WILSON made her night club debut in Las Vegas in a strip tease act. As she slowly stepped out of her black lace dress, she admitted to the au­dience, "I'm a little new at this business."

"I'm flat busted... and NO cracks!"

"Well - you said you wanted to see something in jewelry didn't you?

"Sure it's packing them in - But is it legal?"

RETTY, petite Carol Beale, a photographer's model, arrived for her AFTER HOURS assignment with a boyish close-cropped haircut that prompted our art direc­tor to compare her with Peter Pan. Not to be outdone, Carol retorted that our art director resembled Mickey Mouse. When last seen the two of them were throwing flashbulbs at each other, but not before we were able to get the photographs on these pages.

HELLO THERE! On behalf of AFTER HOURS I'd like to welcome you to our new Do-lt-Yourself Department. This issue, the editors have asked me to demonstrate how easy it is to attach a handy shelf to the wall without com­pletely destroying your house.

First, see if you can make heads or tails out of the shelf parts . . .

NEXT, DECIDE WHERE you want to hang the shelf. Make sure you know exactly where you want it before starting to ruin your wallpaper.

SELECT THE PROPER NAILS for the job. Do not use hairpins as these might not hold, causing the shelf to hang crooked.

IT IS IMPORTANT at this point to concentrate on the task of lining up the brackets. Make sure you do this correctly. Don't allow anything to get in your way to distract you.

BRACKETS ON O.K. . . . shelf in place. Notice how convenient it is. And I only broke three finger-nails putting it up!

YOU KNOW SOMETHING? From here that shelf looks a bit crooked. Maybe I should have used those hairpins after all. Better still, I wish I had a man around the house!


  1. Glorious! Shared the "Do It Yourself" chapter with the wife, have the sudden urge to have dozens of shelves placed about our suburban palace.

  2. So the first sighting of an actual nipple is in the do-it-yourself section?

  3. Somewhat hard to believe this stuff actualy existed at some point. Ah! Different times?!

  4. I believe this was James Warren's attempt to go head to head (chest to chest) with PLAYBOY...and it's failure sent him on to take up FJ Ackerman's offer to do FAMOUS MONSTERS...and then onto HELP! and EERIE and VAMPIRELLA...

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