Mini Skirt Monday #202: Group Photos (Part 4)

The downside to group photos is that they're a bit crowded; you may have to squint to get a good look at the minis.  The upside is that we've got minis coming out our ears.  Let's have a look...

[Group Photos #1 (12/26/11), #2 (8/4/13) and #3 (11/17/13)]

(1) The fella with the sideburns has his hand oh-so-cleverly close to the gal in front.  Could he be making his move?  Also, I dig the girl in the back's go-go boots.

(2) A quick poll: Men - which looks better on a lady, checkered slacks or a miniskirt with tights?  Just as I thought - it's unanimous. 


(4) The gal in front has the right idea - showing the camera a little extra.  You go girl.

(5) Check out the fella on the far right.  He's just glad to be there.


(7) I want you to take note of how many girls in these photos assume the position... and by "position" I mean hands acting as a censor.













(20) - Dear me.  The girl on the far left has mighty short dress; I'm not even sure how you'd sit wearing that.





(25) Notice the Seventeen magazines on the rack















(40) The religious girl in the front abstained from a high hemline; if only she recognized that bell bottom plaid pants are a much more egregious sin.









  1. Pic 40; there was NEVER a time when those trousers were fashionable!

    1. They make her hips look wider than a four lane freeway or wider than the gaps in logic in every episode of Scorpion.

  2. #33 The painting of the ship masts behind them reminds me of the one in Dr. Brackett's office on "Emergency!". I'd love to have a copy of that.

  3. What the heck is that prop in #30?
    I'm actually hoping, because I think it would be so cool, that His Honor's name in #38 is Judge Gallows.
    This post's Mr. Lucky award goes to the young fellow seated in #28.
    And sorry but as far as #25 is concerned I didn't come here to look at racks.

    1. Looks like an anatomy figure, with parts that come out. Every school photo needs one of those.

  4. 40) Those checkered plaid bell bottoms are just one ginormously long and oversized skirt. It's all about the modesty doncha know.
    2) Amidst all the minis and bad slacks is a chick in shortalls.