The Boob Tube #53: Italian TV Guide Covers

Man, Italian television must be something else... at least it was in the 1980s-90s, given their TV guide covers.  Every one is cheesecake central, overflowing with gorgeous Italian babes in short dresses and the like.  Those of you hoping for a Miniskirt Monday today will approve.  Let's have a look...

Note the guy on the left.  Why do Spanish speaking and Italian shows always seem to feature an incomprehensibly idiotic clown?  They're just not funny.  Sure, American TV is full of idiots, but they're not this level of buffoonery, if you get my meaning.  Explanation?

Anyone know how I can watch some "Piazza Di Spagna" reruns?  It doesn't matter if they're not subtitled; I won't be worried about the words.

A woman in her lingerie with a bowl of cherries makes the cover this week.... damn, Italian TV looks good.

(heavy breathing)

I really dig the fashion sense of the chic on the right.

Our TV Guides around this time had close-ups of Kirk Cameron and Luke Perry.  The contrast is striking.

I reiterate - our TV Guides had Rosanne and ALF on the cover around this time... they've got a chick with a thong panty upskirt.  Viva Italia!


  1. If these are the TV mags, what the hell were the programmes like??!

  2. All the women are young & hot, and most of the guys are goofy looking & middle aged--like me! Hmm... :)

  3. I'm reading from Italy. If you like, I can tell you some stories...


  4. You must, MUST check out Italian TV game shows from the '80s and '90s until the early 2000's: Passaparola, L'esatate a Lunapark, to name two. Plus Striscia La Notizia (like the Daily Show only with show girls). That will give you a rally good idea about Italian TV. I've been living in the boot for over 15 years, and things have toned down a bit recently, but damn, some of the stuff they had was pretty outrageous.

  5. American TV is 20 years behind Europe. A lot of those covers would have got TV Guide closed down(this is a land where "racy" covers are pulled from newstands and banned outright).

  6. Why are Uncle Rico and Deborah Gibson posing with Cupid?

  7. All of these women are beautiful but the one on that last cover is a certified goddess! Any more info on her or that show

  8. Aside from Italian tv always being willing to lean that way, these were the years of Silvio Berlusconi's privately owned tv network(s) and eventually his intrusion on the public network RAI when prime minister. Boom Boom.