The Horshack Redemption #32

In this episode The Professor and Gilligan tackle the Top 3 Variety Shows before moving on to the movie feature: Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) starring Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson and Telly Savalas (plus the chick who played Isis, JoAnna Cameron).

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As always, read on for the screenshot gallery....

Ponce is a typical teenager - he can't keep his eyes of the ladies.  The film (by Mini Skirt King, Gene Roddenberry) creates a word overflowing with girls in short skirts.  Can you blame poor Ponce?

Feeling the pain from a major league boner, he seeks the men's room for refuge; a place to collect himself.  Instead he finds a dead girl in the stall next to him.

Keenan Wynn and Telly Savalas investigate.  Roddy McDowall is the principal.

Rock Hudson is the studly guidance counsellor and football coach.  All the girls are sleeping with him, including JoAnna Cameron (at right), but they have a strange way of ending up dead.

The girl at left...

And even Isis (Cameron) isn't safe...

You'll notice one thing in common - they all have their miniskirts up.  One thing this movie does right is deliver a generous supply of upskirts...

It's relentless.  But would you expect anything less from a Roger Vadim and Gene Roddenberry team up?

Angie Dickinson sleeps with one of her students.  As you can tell, this movie is so insanely un-PC, it's no wonder it took forever to get a DVD release.

Coach Tiger (yes, that's his name) gives young Ponce advice on getting laid.  It's a touching moment.

Kojak amid a sea of miniskirts.  Could you ask for anything more?

Literally no female cast member escapes from delivering an upskirt, not even the mousy secretary.

Just Rock Hudson feeling up Angie Dickinson.

These two are great together.  Yeah, I know - Rock Hudson didn't swing that way.  But it's still a motherload of machismo that's awesome to behold.

In the end, lots of people at Ocean View High School are dead, but it's okay.  Ponce has learned to be the stud he was meant to be.... and Roddenberry & Vadim deliver one more panty shot for the road.  A happy ending is had by all.


  1. There's Roddenberry vet James Doohan next to Telly in the third photo. Man...I've gotta watch this.

  2. I've always kinda wanted to see this, but now that I see that Telly Savalas is in it, I gotta find it.

  3. It's definitely a fun romp. With murder.

  4. That "one more panty shot" was the Ajax Lady June Fairchild, who died earlier this year.

  5. This has got to be hands down the best Horshack Redemption so far. Like The professor, I give it a TEN.

  6. I saw this movie at the drive in. I was around 11 years old.....I was into Roller Derby and the first movie was Kansas City Bomber.

  7. Another classic review, thanks gents!

  8. Gilligan, the characters you are referring to are Kroft puppets known as the Munchies. They were on The Bay City Rollers Saturday morning show and Donny & Marie. I think I found the "moment" you are speaking of on YouTube. Look up either Barbara Mandrell bloopers or Van Snowden (the name of the guy in the suit). I posted it on the Horshack Redemption Facebook site, but there are better copies on YouTube. it seems to be popular with people who are into the Vore fetish.