Twisted Impressions #21

As always the disclaimer (before folks start saying I'm a bad person, seeing dirty innuendo in everything): these are likely perfectly innocent advertisements..... but they still have me wondering.  Is there more going on here than meets the eye?

In this Christmas edition we'll look at one theme in particular: the "woman with invisible penis" trope....

We'll start with this one.  It's just a woman with a Christmas ornament, right?  But the ornament is held in such a position and fashion that it makes one wonder... might there be some subliminal imagery at work here?  Notice the eyes almost closed...

This holiday issue of Playboy has a woman under the mistletoe in a similar pose.  Might it be just an expression of a kiss, not something... a bit sleazier?

She's just blowing out a wick... right?

Yeah, there's definitely nothing phallic going on here.

A woman knows to expect a kiss when she gives him Max Factor for Christmas.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

And finally, we have a woman receiving a very special yuletide present. Things go better with Coke.  Happy Holidays!


  1. C'mon, now...the PLAYBOY one's a gimme. What woman on the cover of that mag ISN'T looking orgasmic?

    1. True that. I included it more as just another example of the trend. As in: if the Playboy is phallic, then so must the Esquire one be, and then so is the Avon...
      Yeah, I know. Kind of a fail, but I gave it go nonetheless.

  2. Wow look what $1.50 bought you back In '69. All those writers like Joseph Heller, Graham Greene, Woody Allen etc. A Joe Willy exclusive interview! Lots of ladies including the sex stars of the year, the original Sugar Ray on Ali and to top it off A Do It Yourself Guide to Soft-Core Pornography. Real Christmas cheer.

  3. There are more phallic items in that Coke ad then all the other ads put together. What is that thing she's holding?

    1. Looks like a Santa made out of construction paper.