Vintage Scan #42: Parade (December 1, 1968)

Is jogging dangerous?  And what about these new co-ed fraternities (the shock, the horror!)? Read all about it in your newspaper insert of choice - Parade.

This doesn't even make sense to me.  Reading the article it almost sounds like the guys just want girls there to do chores and housekeeping.  As far as turning greek organizations co-ed, I don't think this ever really caught on... but it makes for a scandalous headline.

Your little one will find the Gerber Choking Hazard Hot Dogs dee-lish!

It's ads like this that make me feel old.  Almost a full page spread for a top?  It seems so incredibly antiquated.

I love how the "proper", less comfortable recliner goes to Mom; whereas, it goes without saying that dad will be sprawled out in his comfy plush Continental Lounger (it just wouldn't be becoming of a lady to splay in such a manner).

Billy Casper teams with Revere... and Revere teams with Orlon.... so who does Orlon team with? (I'm lookin' at you Paris Co.)

Look through any old magazine and you're bound to find advertising promoting weight gain products.  A wholly foreign concept today.

"Great Britain has been paying volunteer service­men approximately 45 cents per LSD "trip." The object is to determine what LSD can do to troops or civilians during war. LSD comes under research of inca­pacitating agents, and those British soldiers who took the drug soon lost all sense of reality and could not adapt them­selves to their environ­ment. They could take no orders and behaved in gen­eral as if 'they were drunk.

British scientists specializing in chemical warfare thought that LSD might be packed as microfine powder into warheads and fired over a city or into enemy terrain, but experiments have proved that it is too expensive for widespread use in weapons.

While LSD may be too expensive for the British, it may turn out to be reasonable enough for our own chemical warfare experts."

And finally, we have an Intelligence Report on jogging which contains a truly glorious quote:

According to Dr. Johnson, who recently lectured at the 26th annual management conference of the Mer­chants and Manufacturers Association in Palm Springs, the jogging fad carries a considerable built-in "danger poten­tial."

"Fortunately," Dr. John­son explains, "jogging is a fad and it won't last long...if business execu­tives would walk briskly 20 minutes twice a day, they would get all the exercise they need."


  1. From a Sept. 1969 article on the Co-ed frat experiment.

    Less sex in Stanford coed living

    look editor issues report . ••

    NEW YORK , N . Y . An experiment in coed living at a Stanford University fraternity house seems to indicate that sex relations occur less among house members than between males and females living in separate fraternities and dormitories . According to an article appearing in the current issue of Look magazine , coed living at Stanford s Lambda Nu house actually appears to de-emphasize sexual relations . A Look senior editor drew this conclusion after spending a week at Lambda Nu , observing the boys

    and girls together . Quoted in the magazine , one Lambda Nu member , a male , says , You think twice about sleeping with a girl when you know you have to face her the next morning at breakfast — and at lunch — and at . dinner — and at breakfast . At Lambda Nu , men and women have separate rooms and baths . The two sexes share the dining room and living rooms , although house members often study together in their quarters . One girl quoted in the article considered the problem of disap

    proval on the home front , stating : My parents really got uptight about this ( coed living ) . I used to have nightgowns , so they gave me lots of flannel pajamas . The resident housemother at Grove House , another coed habitat on the Stanford campus , supported Look editor Betty Rollin . This woman , a married graduate student , commented : You should see the scenes at the door and in the bushes at some of the one sex houses . It s disgusting . The lockout hours and all that — it just gives the kids an overem

    phasized idea of sex . It s not that theres no sex here . That would be awful ! It s that now we have well thought-out sex , and well thought-out sex is less sex

  2. Parade seemed to be stuck in 1955 until...hell it's still stuck in 1955. Bite me Howard Huge.

  3. Weider products still include weight-gaining material...hell, "Muscle Milk" is in most convenience stores I see. GNC is a cornucopia with this stuff cheek by jowl with the diet speed. But it is remarkable how cheap the ads in PARADE must've been at that time, and probably still remain (haven't looked at one in a year or so), to allow such products to afford space. PARADE presumably had an income stream from its subscribing newspapers, as well. For that matter, the chintzier advertisers in TV GUIDE back when were impressively niche...usually in the back pages, as opposed to the mix of well-designed and remarkably amateurish programming display ads in the main body of the magazines.