Vintage Scan #44: Ice Capades 1975

In our fourth installment of Ice Capades memorabilia, we look at the 1975 program.  This is their 35th anniversary, so they're getting all festive in this edition.  The motherload of polyester unitards awaits.

I don't care how gay you are - even Liberace levels of gay - you still feel ridiculous in these outfits.

For the "leg men" of the world, you can't do much better than the Ice Capades.

I'm sorry, but this looks positively unbearable.

I'm not one of those "Christmas every day" kinda guys.  A few weeks after Christmas, and I'm officially done.... don't even think about showing me a Santa Claus in June.

Hans and Pepe are on stage - time for dad to go to concessions for another round of Bud Light in a plastic cup.

Peter is sporting a bedazzled lemon midriff with puffy sleeves from the "Can't Be Any Gayer" collection.

Dig that afro.  It's like Juan Epstein on ice.

Take a good look at the porn staches in full effect here.  These are some serious feather dusters.

They couldn't possibly have played Marvin Gaye here, could they?

You don't have to worry that it's wrong
If the spirit moves ya
Let me groove ya good
Let your love come down



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  2. Today's Fun Fact: JoJo Starbuck was, at one time, married to Terry Bradshaw. She was second out of his four wives.

  3. My skating teacher's sister was a Capades skater and said skating in those headdresses was pretty damn hard.
    God Bless you for posting these old Capades programs. I went to see it the year Dorothy Hamill was with them - (1977) and hung on to my program for years. And yes, even then I was kind of blown away (not in a good way) by some of the costumes. But very few men sported the porn staches at the time...

  4. I am speechless. I hadn't seen this program since I was a kid. Your captions here are priceless. Thank you!!!