Vintage Scares #36: Have A Very Creepy Christmas

It's just a leggy Ann Miller waving her finger at a rather horrific Santa mask (or is this some sort of macabre trophy?).... But these slightly unsettling vintage holiday pics are what "Vintage Scares" are all about.  Here are some more holiday horrors for your viewing pleasure...

A true Christmas nightmare; ventriloquist dummies are objectively frightening - even if they are manipulated by Candice Bergen's father.

It's just St. Nick, leaving presents under the tree and abducting your mother. "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

And speaking of yuletide sex slaves...

She's bound and wrapped in plastic as a holiday present for G.I.'s everywhere.  Do with her as you will.  Merry Christmas!

What the - ?

These soulless hollow-eyed children will forever haunt my dreams.

And speaking of hollow-soulless eyes....

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum.

This is a Christmas card from 1910.  A charming depiction of a child looking up his mother's dress. "Dis Decoration is out o'sight!"

The scary thing is, both Mr. and Mrs. Spangler swear they were the only ones in the picture.

Gaby Berger and the Creepiest Santa on Earth wish you a very scary Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas, Gilligan!

  2. Same here Gilligan. Thanks for your awesome retro goodness!

  3. Merry Christmas Retro Dude

  4. What the...? Indeed. I'd like to see the little drifts that couple comes up with!
    Although he does seem to be absent any snowballs.
    Merry Christmas! Thanks for the laughs and creeps.

  5. Something occurred to me looking at this feature. Whatever happened to ventriloquist dummies? Is that a lost art now, like the one-man band or plate spinning?

    1. Jeff Dunham is doing a great job of carrying on the tradition. Some of his shows are on Netflix.

  6. Awesome stuff as always, but on a separate note--the new Retrospace is OUT OT SIGHT! Also (for dinosaurs like myself who use DSL) the page loads instantly now, where before it took somewhat longer.

    It really is a great look Gilligan & Merry Christmas :)

    1. Thanks, buddy. And, yeah, I think I've found a blog template I'm actually happy with; glad to hear it works good for you. And Merry Christmas to you as well!

  7. Picture #2: I think I'd be willing to let someone shove a hand up my...er...you know..to be in Charlie's position there. Hubba hubba!

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