Vinyl Dynamite #49: Bring BackThe Dynamite

In between watching Wonder Woman episodes, reading old magazines, and taking in a good sleazy movie, I enjoy collecting and listening to records.  And, as you know if you've been with me these 7+ years, I like to share.

Trouble is, I have endless difficulty sharing music files.  Take a look back at old Vinyl Dynamite posts, and you'll discover legions upon legions of dead links.  You may recall the Rapidshare fiasco (shudder).

So, if someone could recommend a method to (1) insert a player into a post so that you can stream a selection of tunes from the album, and (2) a host which can accommodate the music files that's fairly stable - it would be much appreciated.  (Note that I've been using MEGA for some file sharing here, and it seems to be so-far-so-good, but it will only let you download the files, not stream).

Lasty, note that the music will be primarily old, out of print, incomprehensibly obscure vinyl.  So, you won't be enabling piracy.  Quite the contrary - this keeps the memory alive of otherwise forgotten vinyl gems.


  1. Hi guys, most of the music blogs I used to follow bit the dust around 2010, but the few that are still around are using mega.nz or archive.org to host their files. Maybe one of those will work for you too. Keep up the good work, Happy New Year!

  2. It's a bit primative, but I use picosong.com. I think there's a file size limit, so they would have to uploaded as individual tracks. I used to use freemp3host.com, but for some reason, the interface doesn't provide the link after the file is uploaded anymore. I've played around with snippets of html that are supposed to insert a player, but never got them to work. I didn't try too hard though.

  3. I follow a bunch of vinyl sharing blogs, and by far the best user experience is with zippyshare. One click. That's it. None of the bullshit that Mega makes the user go through. But that won't help with a player on the page. Soundcloud?

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  5. Is that Natalie Wood in the pic with the records?

    1. That is indeed Natalie Wood; who's no longer with us, thanks to Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken... or so I hear.

  6. As another music hoarder I second the vote for Zippyshare. Minimal BS to contend with and it allows multiple simultaneous downloads. Mega is fine too. For streaming sample tracks Soundcloud seems like a popular and reliable service. THANKS for all the great posts!

  7. Try Soundcloud. The free account will do you for a while and the next one up is still pretty inexpensive. It embeds super easily.