Catalogs #43: 80s Underwear

Yeah, that's right.  Today we're looking at women's underwear.  Is there a problem?  For your information, we're doing it in the name of historical preservation.

And we're not looking at frilly lingerie either.  This is casual underwear only.  I'm talkin' cotton panties with butterflies and flowers on it.  Let's have a look year by year from 1980 to 1992.  Enjoy.

JCPenney Spring Summer 1980

JCP Fall-Winter 1980
Dame Trikotage 1980
Dame Trikotage 1980

JCPenney Spring and Summer 1981

JCPenney Spring Summer 1982

Kays Littlewoods 1983

JCPenney Fall Winter 1984

Empire Stores Spring Summer 1985
JCP Spring Summer 1985
La Redoute 1985 

JCP Fall Winter 1985

JCPenney Fall Winter 1986

JCPenney Spring and Summer 1986

JCPenney Fall Winter 1987
JCPenney Spring and Summer 1988

JCPenney Fall and Winter 1989

Freemans Autumn Winter 1988-89
JCPenney Spring and Summer 1989
Trafford 1990 summer

Freemans catalogue 1991-92 winter
Grattan Spring Summer 1991

Universal catalogue Spring Summer 1992


  1. Double Yay!

  2. In a spirit of fairness, I think you should do one of these featuring men also. :-)

  3. Ah yes, I remember those 4 beauties from the Fall/Winter '89 catalog VERY well!

  4. We were a better looking country 30 years ago ...

    1. Yes we were, sad to day. Dang these ladies could bring the heat!!

  5. The "pulling up-pulling down" motif seems to have been very popular with lingerie models.

  6. Ah, yes...the Golden age of women's underwear...not a boy short in sight, thank the Lord!

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