Food & Drink #23: 1968 Ads

Nothing makes me want a can of meat more than seeing it ground into a fleshy paste.

While some of these ads are fine, I think you'll quickly see that the art of food presentation wasn't quite up to snuff in 1968.  Let's have a look.

I'm sure the fricassee tasted just fine; but the grey glistening drumstick could've been presented better.

So glad the dairy folks decided to use the pic with her underwear sticking out.

Your mother always said "The way to a man's heart is through a gristly pot of rice pudding"?

Wasn't your breakfast table right next to the horse stables?  Oh, the sweet perfume of morning bacon, fresh brewed coffee, and poop.

I'm still waiting for the Domino's vegetable shortening pizza with anchovy fillets.

Nothing makes me sadder than to see an otherwise tasty slab of meat ruined by a dollop of mayonnaise and raisins.

I'm cool with any of these sandwiches being in my lunchbox... except maybe the cheese & carrots sandwich and the cheese & peanut butter sandwich.

Take note that a lot of these ads come from an Australian magazine - hence the vegemite.

Granted, I wouldn't turn my nose up at this.  But I still say they had real issues with meat presentation back then.  No concern whatsoever with concealing the fat.

It's funny how mom has a completely different reaction to what's on the television than the rest of the family.  She laughs at other's misfortune, while dad and the kids have empathy.

Gross.  Some foods are fine to eat, but should never be viewed up close.

If I could be a superhero and could pick any special ability... I think I'd pick Meat Power.

I think the cat just threw up on our bowl of sweet and sour duck.

Testicular cancer. Get checked at least once a year by your doctor.  It could save your life.

Is it wrong that an orange squeezer came to mind when I saw her boob pointed at that sliced orange?

Other than a few drops, this appears to be milk-free... but overcompensates with the peach halves.

I'm sorry, but that meat looks hideous.... and it isn't helped by the "Ah So" remark.

I love how they're making sugar into a health food.  Bravo.

Just no.

Okay, the next two aren't specifically food ads (napkins and cutlery) .... but get a load of the meat!

Getting a little carried away with the Miracle Whip, maybe?

Salad utensil delivering a pineapple slice.. or radioactive tongs delivering a wedge plutonium? You decide.


  1. I won't make any judgments on the Master Foods Chicken & Veal Paste until I taste it on a Ritz cracker.

  2. Much like Bender from Futurama,it would seem that the Rosella company prides itself on producing ugly food...

  3. The fonts in these ads are NOT part of my 70s nostalgia.

  4. Vegemite - the Australian weird food, kind of like our Spam, only stranger. Sorry mate, I can't relate!!

  5. I'm totally fine with the "Ah-so", but yeah, I wonder if that chicken looks appetizing with the right color registration.

  6. After reading this post I've actually developed a craving for sweet mustard pickles. Rosella still produces that particular savory product. But alas I fear that by the time my pickles arrive from down under that my craving will have passed. I'll have to head to the local Hy-Vee and see what they have to offer.

    1. I'm not sure what sweet mustard pickles are, but I got my first jar of piccalilli relish and I'm hooked. Found it in the British food section of our local hifalutin supermarket, Byerly's. I'd only ever heard Aunt Bee talk about it on some episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

      Hy-Vee? Are you in Iowa? They're going to be building a few in the Twin Cities, but they're far away from where I am.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am indeed in Iowa, but just barely, I live in Burlington about a mile from the Mississippi River where it's 0 degrees as of this moment.
      Thanks for the heads-up about piccalilli relish. The food I associate with Aunt Bee would be her Kerosene Cucumbers.

    4. Naturally. She should've gone crazy with the allspice like Clara.

      I'm originally from Keota.