Mini Skirt Monday #204: Mini vs. Maxi

So, I came across this article in a 1968 issue of Movie Life magazine where they describe the miniskirt's new threat: the dreaded midi. (I've reprinted this article below.)  It even asks the readers to vote!  I know how Miniskirt Monday readers would vote, but I wonder what the results were of this poll.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how the miniskirt weathered threats from moral objectors and evil fashionistas who tried to sabotage the high hemline.... until it finally folded-up and died before the decade of the 70s was even halfway through.

So, I thought it'd be nice to highlight images of yore where one or two gals hang tight in a mini, meanwhile the other ladies opt for midis, maxis, and (gulp) slacks.  Let the contest begin...

The Movie Life Article:
The latest fashion threat to all the women who've finally resigned themselves to the mini, or who have learned to love it, is the midi. The midi, which ideally should hit right between the ankle and the knee, has made many girls burst into tears at the thought of all the labor wasted in their furious race to raise their hems each year, and, also, the money their brand new midi wardrobe is going to cost. But maybe they'll decide the heck with it, and keep their minis after all. Will the midi catch on? Who knows? It does have some advantages over the mini. For instance, you can sit down in it without demurely covering yourself with a pocketbook or letting your coat drape all over your knees. But then there's no need to ask whether a man would prefer to see shapely legs or not. We'd like to hear your views (and we've provided a coupon for your convenience) on whether the midi is going to win the battle with the mini. After all, it's you, not the fashion de­signers, who have the final say on what women are really going to wear next year. We'll tally your opinions in the next issue of Movie Life Yearbook.

Knee-length, pants, pants, pants, pants, and, finally, mini.  Bless you.

Every woman's fashion decision... Ladies, I think you know what's right.

This from a yearbook - illustrating the clear and present danger of pants.  It would only be a matter of time.

I'm not saying minis are appropriate for every occasion.  A cap-and-gown mini would be a problem....
Then again, no.  A mini cap-and-gown would be freaking awesome.

The magazine caption:
"Maxi contrasted with mini when Joy Phillips, in an Edwardian inspired dress of lime and black striped silk met Pam Noon, in a calf length gown of black velvet trimmed with swandsown at the Wool Fashion Awards."

It's as if the girl on the left is saying, "Look at all this extra fabric.  Who needs it!"

All three girls are pitching their ideas.  Whose idea is the dude going to choose?

If you guessed that he'll make his decision based strictly on hemline length, you'd be entirely correct.

Exhibit A:  The miniskirt is just intrinsically superior to slacks on a woman.  There are few objective truths in the world, but this is one of them.

The girl near the top in the miniskirt deserves a special commendation.  Not only is she the only chick not wearing pants, but she's doing it on a ladder!

This is from an article about a shocking development: two girls have joined the college of engineering.  Which one do you think got the most attention?  The one with the long, dowdy dress or the girl in the micro-mini with go-go boots?

Drink up, miniskirt wearer.  You've earned it.

I'm sure she's cold.  But I'm also sure there's no coincidence that the lone guy decided to sit by her.

Eaton's Christmas catalog 1973
Exhibit B:  The miniskirt is actually cheaper than the slacks.  Not only that, but it's less fabric, so it's better for the environment.  (Yeah, I know it's a stretch, but bear with me.)

Certain body types should honorably exclude themselves from the miniskirt game.  Perhaps that's one of the reasons the mini fell out of favor - females started gaining weight.  (Just a theory)

This from 1988 - and the battle wages on. Thanks to the girl on the left for still keeping the torch alive.

And for more lone gals in minis standing strong, see Miniskirt Monday #179.

The mini - front row and center.  As it should be.

Despite the massive strawberries, I still prefer the mini over the others.

Okay, now here's a valid experiment:  Same girl (Sue Lloyd) in a knee-length dress and a miniskirt. Which looks better?  (Note: This is a rhetorical question.)

Another objective study, lined up for your selection: Girl A, B, C, or D.  

Okay, what's it going to be?  The floor length dress, the polyester slacks, or the miniskirts?

(drops mic)

The End


  1. I really thought you would do a post about Andre Courreges, inventor of the Miniskirt, who passed away at 92 this past week. He is responsible for Mini Skirt Mondays.

    1. Hadn't heard he died. You're right - we celebrate his invention each week, but don't stop for a moment of silence when the inventor dies. (We should all bow our heads)

      A lot of credit goes to Mary Quant who commercialized it bringing it to the masses for the world to enjoy; but if not for Courreges, it likely wouldn't have happened.

      Indeed, his invention is so amazing, that I can even overlook his invention of the trouser suit. :)

  2. In the battle of pants vs. mini the mini has many and varied advantages. The exposure of the female leg is obviously a big plus for the mini. The fact that the '70s pants was so often abysmally designed is a big plus for the mini. We also by reflex associate pants with the masculine gender in our heads. You have to give pants a point for practicality but the mini regains that point for pure sexiness.

    1. Isn't that the heart of it all - practicality vs. beauty/sexiness/attractiveness? I mean, it's a lot easier and more practical to wear sweatpants, t-shirt and crocks; but, it looks like shit. The question is always, how much impracticality will we endure for the sake of 'dressing it up'? Prior to the late 60s, men regularly wore suits and hats. T-shirts and jeans were for doing yard work.

      Oh, well. I could go on all day.

  3. Hate to say this, but before I even looked at the "female engineers" on the right,My eyes immediately locked on the ham wearing the Bela Lugosi mask and the kid behind him(giving Dracula a wet willie)on the left.

    1. Indeed. There's only a few things in this world that can divert my eyes from a short miniskirt like that.... and Dracula getting a wet willy is one of them.

  4. Fisk Ellington Rutledge IIIJanuary 11, 2016

    I remember when minis came out and could be seen everywhere. The problem I had back then (high school; early 70s) is that women and girls usually looked ridiculous at least half the time. Guys did too admittedly, but the fashions back then just seemed to be calculated to look cheap. But I spent most of that era drooling like a gorilla anyway, and a well-placed mini was the holy grail. Baggy pants on a girl were an abomination.

  5. Looks to me like the chick in the middle of the ladder is also wearing a mini dress with no pants.