The Vintage Home #23: House & Garden (November 1973)

This is what you call a distinguished gentleman of the 70s: pipe, jaunty pose, corduroy jacket, 'stache, and two pretty maidens at his feet.  If he's got a a grandfather clock, then by God, I'm getting one.

Here's a selection of pages from the November 1973 issue of Home & Garden.  Enjoy.

Well, we're off to a good start.  Laz-Z-Boy's selection of buxom milkmaid in short skirt as their model for Early Americana is a fine choice.

To say "orange was a popular color in the 1970s" would be quite an understatement.  Only brown could rival it.

In 1973 appliance advertisements were still directed squarely towards women.  That being said, Thermadore's ad campaign around this time targeted a new segment of the market: the male....

This one's pretty tame.  However, some of these ads featuring "Mel" Cooley (Richard Deacon), the balding producer from the Dick Van Dyke Show, could be fairly risque - with some heavy duty cheesecake.

A symphony of rust and brown more like.

Denim furniture and accessories; brilliant.

Why exactly is this called The Mystery Chair?  An odd choice of name.

"...You can plan your tan through rain, hail, sleet, snow or the darkness of night...... You can have your own 'solar system' all year long."

Poop brown - not my favorite choice for a bathroom color scheme.

A few photos of an uber trendy 70s pad...

Those randy Baby Boomers were starting to grow up and get married in '73.  Time to market home furnishings to the ex-hippies.  All You Need Is Love... and a new dinette set.

In the back of the magazine are few odd and interesting little ads...

Hey, it's smaller than an iPhone 6.

This is actually a full page ad.  Just put on some Troy Cory in your waterbed's built-in quadrophonic stereo, and let the lovin' begin.

The "Demi-Bra answers all your needs for the new, liberated, sensuous fashions."


  1. I used to live near Ridgeway, nothing in that town, but it's nice to know at one time fine timepieces were made there.

  2. voiceofthe70sJanuary 09, 2016

    I didn't realize (or had forgotten) there were microwave ovens available as early as 1973. The first time I really remember hearing about someone who had one was late 70s/early 80s, and even then they were rare. Look at the size of that thing.

  3. Who the hell keeps their bass fiddle in the bathroom?

  4. Mark CarterJanuary 09, 2016

    Is it just me, or do those photos of the trendy 70s pad now look weirdly futuristic?

  5. The mystery chair folks had to take a rest because they got lost trying to find their bed amidst the forest thicket.

  6. Retro HoundJanuary 10, 2016

    That's the best La-z-boy ad I've ever seen.

  7. I guess maybe it's because I like 70's decor but the room in "furniture for lovers" looks fantastic to me. If I was remodeling, building a house, etc., I would totally emulate that look.

    The microwave, warming oven and oven in the add with Mel look very ergonomic. I do quite a bit of cooking and this set up would be very useful.

    In the "hoedown" add you'll notice that it says "ya'll come..." with a cute young girl showing her midriff. Do you think this is suggestive advertising?

  8. Orange indeed. You should see the end table (1 of 4) and area rug I just brought back from my parents' house that Mom used in our family room of the house they built around 1970. We'd get a vitamin C boost just by watching TV in that room. :)

  9. My family knew people who had the sleek modern Ridgeway clock (second from left).
    The "Mystery Chair" is a transformer: As you power back into Recline Mode, both the extended footrest and the headrest pop into use from their concealed positions.
    I love Lane's Textile Block-looking china cabinet. Frank Lloyd Wright would be screaming "theft!".