Vinyl Dynamite #50: Groovy Sounds from the Land of Smile

Alright.  What better way to usher in the new year - and more importantly, the return of Vinyl Dynamite - than some obscure Thai pop songs from the 70s?

The record itself is fairly recent (2010) compilation LP containing some pretty impressive tracks from the bygone days of Thai disco and lounge.  Granted, these aren't likely to be the best songs you've ever heard; but they certainly score points for being odd & interesting.  Have a listen!

"Come Together" by The Oriental Funk
Moog spectacular from one of Thailand's most famous bands of this era - The Impossibles (minus their singer Chaetha; hence the name change).

Come Together - Oriental Funk.MP3

"Soul Dracula" by Don
Before embarking on his solo career, Don was a singer with P.M.5, rival to The Impossibles.  The original "Soul Dracula" is a disco novelty itself; a Thai lounge version takes the term 'novelty' to a whole new level.

Soul Dracula - Don.MP3

"Flash Disco" by Panatda
Panatda was a female Thai pop singer, but the real stars on this track are her backup band, who totally funk out.

Flash Disco - Panatda.MP3

"Siamese Boxing" by Jiraphand Ong-Ard
Jiraphand was a popular lounge singer who performed at the legendary Lolita nightclub in Bangkok.

Siamese Boxing - Jiraphand Ongard.MP3


  1. What's with his teeth or lack there of? They could be vampire fangs. Nick

    1. he may have been suffering from toothache and just come from an amateur dentist :-)

  2. Believe it or not, "Soul Dracula" is actually a cover version of a European disco hit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSPD4t-n3Us
    I used to go through Southeast Asian comps, and the more tolerable songs usually turned out to be cover versions -- especially on the Vietnamese comps.
    One of the Thai comps I bought years ago had their version of the TV theme from "Friends."

  3. The players don't work for me, and the download pages say too many users have accessed them. Definitely need zippyshare.

    1. Okay, i'm sold. Google Drive sucks for this. Looks like it's zippyshare.. but I'm a tad concerned that zippyshare will go away like the rest. We'll see...