Vinyl Dynamite #55: Citizen's Bloopers (1977)

Kermit Schafer Presents a CB Spoof: Citizen's Bloopers, 40 Channels of Hilarious Citizen's Bloopers.

Basically, this record amounts to 40 bad celebrity impersonations all pretending to be on a CB.  As interesting as it is to listen to mockery of the famous names of the day (Linda Lovelace, Paul Lynde, Ted Knight, Evel Knievel, etc.), it's unfortunately pretty corny.

Despite the woeful lameness of it all, I've gone ahead and recorded the whole damn thing for you.  I figured, no matter how cringeworthy the jokes, to hear imitations of 40 big names of '77 is at least worth a onetime listen.

Side A

2. Jimmy Carter
3. Henry Kissinger
4. Barbra Streisand
5. Johnny Cash
6. Dean Martin-Foster Brooks
7. Ted Kennedy
8. John Wayne
9. Ted Knight
10. Georgette
11. Anita Bryant
12. Cary Grant
13. Howard Cosell
14. Zsa Zsa Gabor
15. Mohammad Ali
16. Paul Lynde
17. Richard Nixon
18. Bette Davis-Katherine Hepburn
19. Idi Amin-Queen Elizabeth
20. Lawrence Welk

Side B

21. Redd Foxx
22. Fidel Castro-Juanita Castro
23. Marlon Brando
24. Betty Ford-Gerald Ford
25. Truman Capote
26. Farrah Fawcett
27. Henry Fonda
28. Evel Knievel
29. Mae West
30. Rosalynn Carter
31. Richard Burton
32. Yassir Arafat
33. Billy Graham
34. Breshnev
35. Nelson Rockefeller
36. Linda Lovelace
37. Jim Nabors
38. Elizabeth Taylor
39. Chairman of Red China
40. Sammy Davis, Jr.
00. Jack Benny-Rochester


  1. It was fun just to identify the characters on the cover alone. The only one I really had to dig deep for was Henry Kissinger(the H on his crown helped).

    1. The cover has a nice joke with the fact that Ali is the only celebrity that isn't using his CB radio. Who needs a radio when you're the Louisville Lip.

  2. Sorry but I couldn't get beyond the horrible Barbara Streisand impersonation. I might try to listen to "Ted Knight" and I assume Georgette refers to "Georgia Engel" at some point. At least he worked with a couple of good illustrators in Kent Barton(terrible looking Farra Faucett BTW ) and Bill Wenzel. But in general my opinion of this work is the same as John Wayne's horse.

  3. Schafer's Blooper records were reliably funny (though the re-creations could get corny with the bad acting) but his non-Blooper LP's were all pretty unfunny. I have this one, as well as a few others (the LBJ roast, for example) but each time I listen to a non Blooper LP produced by Kermit Schafer, my thought is the same: not what he should be doing. He died just a couple of years later in March 1979.

  4. This at a time when I was reacquainted with 'Convoy' via the ipod I had to borrow from my wife after mine died

  5. My God, I'm spending my time after work listening to this... That's supposed to be Lawrence Welk?!

  6. I have this album. If they made this album (CD? MP3?) today it would be Cellular Bloopers.

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  8. Wow. That started to get really painful around Ted Knight/Georgette. Why did they play her as a Bronx stripper? That was truly awful.

  9. Sorry, the President Carter bit was enough for me.