Food & Drink #24: Italian Ads

Here's a heaping helping of Italian food and drink advertisements from the 1960s through the 1980s. Mangi!


Mini Skirt Monday #209: Minis X 3

Nothing fancy here folks - the only rule is that there be three chicks in miniskirts in each picture.  We actually covered this way back in September 2011, but I feel the world is now ready for another.


Vinyl Dynamite #58: Vinyl DYN-O-MITE!

I'll admit it.  As a kid in the 70s, the heavy-handed statements about racism and social inequalities regularly played out on Good Times went right over my head. For me, it was all about J.J.  I was a sucker for a good catch phrase, and J.J. offered a welcome relief from the often oppressively preachy "sitcom".

Like another king of the catch phrase - The Fonz - J.J. went from being a fairly minor character, to becoming the center of the show.  Recording an album was the natural thing to do for Jimmy Walker.  Unfortunately, it absolutely sucks.

Nearly every single joke is the same old black people vs. white people routine.  "Blacks say this" and "Caucasians say this", "Blacks be like..." and "Caucasians be like...".  (groan)

Well, don't take my word for it.  Have a listen to Side One.

Perhaps the best thing about the album is the amazing advertisements for J.J. merch that come insside the record...


The Groovy Age of Travel #12: Travel Ads 1950

I pulled these travel advertisements from an April 1950 issue of Holiday magazine.  Back then, a cross country vacation could be insanely expensive - a significant expense in a time before credit cards and budget airfare.  But that was part of the appeal, wasn't it?  A trip from Georgia to New Mexico sounds like nothing today; but in 1950, that was an exotic adventure - a singular event that the family would look forward to for months, and remember for years.


Double Feature #21: Occult Schools for Girls

Voodoo Dolls (1991) and Alucarda (1977)

The first feature is a Canuxploitation film about a new girl (whose father has died) who comes to live at an isolated private school only to become involved in a voodoo cult.

The second feature is Mexploitation film about a new girl (whose parents have died) who comes to live at an isolated convent only to become involved in a satanic cult.



Vintage Wheels #24: Starter Magazine

So, there was this Italian auto magazine called Starter (which may still be around) which had the admirable habit of putting beautiful babes on their covers. Yes, they also featured cars (often sweet foreign rides), but it's the Italian mamas that stole the show.  Needless to say, I thought their covers were worthy of sharing. So, enjoy a stack of Starter from the 1980s and early 90s.  Prego.


The Horshack Redemption #35

This week's feature is the exceptionally demented The Sinful Dwarf (1973).  Before that, we discuss our top three worst songs of the 1980s ("We Built This City" excluded). Enjoy!

Direct Download

Read on for the screen cap gallery....

Ads #81 Jinglers Jeans

So, I have a few issues of the German children's magazine Stafette from the 1970s.  Inside is a lot of potentially great stuff - but I am your typical monolingual American, so can't make any of it out.  But I can, at least, appreciate the Jinglers Jeans advertising in each issue....


Wonder Woman: S2E9

Season 2 Episode 9: "The Man Who Made Volcanos"
Original air date: November 18, 1977

In which we get to see Roddy McDowall play Dr. Evil, a mega-cool dune buggy, and a Star Wars trash compactor scene.  Director Alan Crosland Jr. is obviously a big fan of the down blouse shot, so it's got that going for it as well.  Enjoy.


Vintage Reads #54: Titular Tramps

Hey, if you can't come up with an attention grabbing title for your sleazy paperback (like "Sintrigue" or "Lust for Kicks"), then just slap a girl's name on the cover and be done with it. Here's a bunch of trashy reads featuring trashy ladies from Amy to Vicky. Enjoy...


Teen Magazine #6: Teen Life (Feb 1964)

So, I've scanned a number of pages from this magazine for you to look through.  I've only transcribed the "Dear Joni" section because I think it is a must-read.  Enjoy!


Mini Skirt Monday #208: Minis Among Men

Once upon a time, the math club and engineering department were men only.  Once upon a time, the board rooms and offices of administration were gentlemen's clubs, save for a secretary or two.  It wasn't until the early seventies that women started infiltrating the Aqua-Velva and Scotch drenched halls.  This was also the Golden Age of the Miniskirt.  Thus, you have a rich supply of photographs of a room full of males, and one solitary gal in a miniskirt.

Of course, that gal wasn't always a champion of her gender, but rather just a pretty face at a groundbreaking ceremony, or the low-wage office assistance taking dictation for a room full of balding, chain-smoking, gin swilling business execs.  Whatever the circumstance, this edition of Miniskirt Monday is an ode to that single solitary female who, in a room full of men, wore that mini with pride (and, undoubtedly, to the delight of every male in view).


Catalogs #44: Spiegel - Fall & Winter 1961 (Part 1)

I have to say - this may be the most amazing catalog I own.  The brilliant colors, the elegant feminine fashions, the classy fashions for gentlemen, the luxurious decor... words can't convey the awesomeness of it.  So, let's open it up, and begin our trek through the 1961 Spiegel Fall & Winter Catalog.  My intention is to scan most of this entire catalog, starting from the beginning...


Tech #33: Women at Computers

Here's a stack of images of women at computers from 1979 to 1991 (we should have Kenny Rogers' "Through the Years" playing in the background).  As you might have guessed, most are secretaries doing glamorless data entry for the gentlemen in double breasted suits (we weren't "enlightened" back then).

Still, gender issues aside, it's a fun stroll "through the years" in the Golden Age of Floppy Disks. Enjoy.


Mini Skirt Monday #207: Print & Pattern Minis

The early minis were mostly bright solid colors; maybe with a polka-dot or strip thrown in for good measure, then came paisleys and psychedelic patterns. But with the advent of the seventies, came the popularity of the polyester floral variety.  You may remember Marcia Brady being particularly fond of this style.

So, here is a massive dose (83 in all!) of prints and patterns for your viewing pleasure.  Most are new to Mini Skirt Monday, but a few oldies-but-goodies can be found here and there.  Enjoy.


Vintage Scares #37: Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery

Looking through a stack of Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery comic books, I was impressed by the cover artwork for each issue.  Definitely worth sharing.  Have a look....


Vinyl Dynamite #56: The Wombles

The Best of the Wombles (1976)
If you grew up in the US, you may not remember The Wombles - their popularity was mainly limited to the UK (and Australia/New Zealand).  It started as a children's book in 1968, then became a stop-animation BBC TV series a few years later.  Basically, they're underground dwelling creatures who thrive to pick up litter.


Magazines #51: Holiday Inn International Magazine (1974)

This issue of Holiday Inn International Magazine (September/October 1974) interested me because it paints Lebanon as a wonderful travel destination, little knowing that just a few months later all hell would break loose.  From 1975-1990, the Lebanese Civil War would claim 120,000 lives, and lead to an exodus of over 1 million citizens.  I feel bad for the poor schmucks that planned their hard-earned vacations based on Holiday Inn's recommendation.

Unfortunately, the magazine doesn't contain much of interest in terms of articles - just bland travelogues. But the advertising inside is definitely worth a look....


Double Feature #20: The Dark Side of Man

Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf (1972) and The Ice House (1969) AKA The Passion Pit

Both of tonight's double feature revolve around the duality of man; where man's civilized side takes turns with his bestial nature.  In the Paul Naschy film, Mr. Nice Guy not only has a werewolf side , but also a Mr. Hyde side as well.  In The Ice House, the studly blue collar Casanova becomes a violent maniac when a certain trigger occurs.   In both films, the bestial side has a tendency to victimize women.  Armchair psychologists, you've been summoned.  Enjoy the shows!