Food & Drink #24: Italian Ads

Here's a heaping helping of Italian food and drink advertisements from the 1960s through the 1980s. Mangi!

Disney lawyers have already been dispatched to arrest all employees of the Glacies Gervais company.

A much better name than Potsies or Chachis

Wish I could read Italian... or wasn't too lazy to try and translate.  I'm sure this would be pretty amusing.

That's just gross

Italy's Big Babol ads had our Hubba-Bubba and Bubblicious ads beat by a mile.

There's just something about a woman spread eagle that makes me crave chocolate pudding

Decades before the Internet went spastic over Nutella

No sexual innuendo here. None at all. 

As a connoisseur of the vintage miniskirt, the Pavesi ads are personal faves.... 


  1. "Merenda Party" translation, thanks to Google Translate and a very tiny bit of knowledge:

    Everything started when the news spread that Carrarmato costs only 50 lire instead of 60.

    "And now guys ... Everyone to my Snack-Party with Carrarmato!"

    "Slowly! There's enough for all!"

    There is enough for everyone, but Carrarmato is so good that ... you better not run out!

    (The one that feeds right)

    Today in a special deal at 50 lire

    Google Translate kept translating "Carrarmato" as "Tank" ... weird

    1. Perhaps they called it "carrarmato" because it looked kind of like a tank tread, with crenellations?

  2. "Carrarmato" is the shortened version of "carro armato" e.g. armored vehicle - but I have no idea why Perugina named it that way.

    Calippo - a stick of watery ice in a cardboard tube that you have to speeze to make it slide in and out of your mouth.... Hmm, can't see any innuendo there..

  3. Appreciate how your slide show built up to The Legs, but mostly now I'm hungry for good Italian food.

  4. Great post !

    First one is french, though.

  5. The second ad is in French. I doubt it is an Italian ad.

  6. The 3rd advert is not food, Falqui was a laxative...

  7. About halfway down the page, the ad with the baby on the scale, am I correct that that is for homogenized ground veal??

  8. Yep, I think you're right.

  9. What?!?! Twisties were in Italy?

  10. Pocket Coffee, what could go wrong!