Magazines #51: Holiday Inn International Magazine (1974)

This issue of Holiday Inn International Magazine (September/October 1974) interested me because it paints Lebanon as a wonderful travel destination, little knowing that just a few months later all hell would break loose.  From 1975-1990, the Lebanese Civil War would claim 120,000 lives, and lead to an exodus of over 1 million citizens.  I feel bad for the poor schmucks that planned their hard-earned vacations based on Holiday Inn's recommendation.

Unfortunately, the magazine doesn't contain much of interest in terms of articles - just bland travelogues. But the advertising inside is definitely worth a look....

I remember a day when staying at the Holiday Inn was livin' the dream.  Not only did the high rise living quarters seem posh, but there was always that adjoining restaurant/lounge which seemed so special.

"Every Holiday Inn Restaurant has its own distinctive decor.  From Colonial to Space Age."

Care to pay $139.95 for an answering machine?  Adjusted for inflation, that's $674!

I wonder if mom is showing the girls the mini-course on sex.  It contains "accurate and factual sex discussions.... fully illustrated".

Yes, kids.  This is what passed for SpellCheck in 1974.

Aww yeeeahh.  That's the best kind of wealth - the kind that benefits from other people's misfortune.

Back when you got service at the pump... and people used maps not apps.

This ad cracks me up.  The whole thing is a serious technical breakdown of their high-end camera.... and then it's called "The Girl Watcher".

This is just an ad for a machine washable sheet.... why'd they have to go and make it sound x-rated?


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  2. The old Holiday Inn on my town, built back in the early '60s, was one of the jewels of the chain. Then they added a tower in the early '70s and it was considered pretty fancy for these parts. However, it was built along the main road that became less traveled when the Interstate was built. By the 1990s, it was getting pretty rundown and by the 2000s, it was a druggy hotel with cops showing up all the time. It was torn down a few years ago, replaced with a bank.

  3. Relax. "Using other people's money" refers to buying property with mortgages and borrowed money. It's win-win.

  4. And don't forget the entertainment lounge!

    I wonder what the "Space Age" decor restaurant looks like.

    1. At this time, the "Space Age" look could be anything from late Googie and 60s modern (think The Jetsons or Thunderbirds) to super-clean, limited-pallet untramodern (think 2001 A Space Odyssey or Space:1999).
      Remember the adults this mag was aimed at: if it was a newer look than what was shown on Leave it To Beaver, it was "Space Age".

  5. What else would you use a lens that long for? :)

    Great looking Gulf ad. That's a rare brand to see these days, at least in the upper midwest. I know of only one station I've seen in the past 20 years.

  6. "Every Holiday Inn Restaurant has its own distinctive decor. From Colonial to Space Age."
    If your selling point is suppose to be distinctive décor why do they illustrate this advertisement by showing the most bland décor possible? Even Conrad Helton could come up with an ad better than this one.

  7. Totally groovy cover to this issue. I always enjoy the authentic textures of the color photography from this time. not a single pixel of digital enhancement to be detected.
    And those colors!

  8. Gettin' me some silver satin Scintilla sheets for my 96" round mattress! And they're throwing in a 40 page catalog to boot…

  9. The best surprise is no surprise, baby. Unless you were staying in Lebanon circa 1975.

  10. I love trade and travel magazines. They have a limited subject but have to sell like the Big Boys. I miss the airline magazines. When my dad traveled he would always bring me back the magazine and it was my favorite gift.

  11. Where's the article about Lebanon ? Were there any pre-war pictures ?