The Horshack Redemption #35

This week's feature is the exceptionally demented The Sinful Dwarf (1973).  Before that, we discuss our top three worst songs of the 1980s ("We Built This City" excluded). Enjoy!

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Read on for the screen cap gallery....

A female way to old to be hopscotching on the sidewalk is lured by a stuffed animal to the dwarf's lair.  You can imagine how this ends up.

Not sure how realistic it is that a woman can be so eaily snared by the promise of a stuffed poodle, but whatever.

Anne Sparrow  as Mary and Tony Eades as her husband Peter.  They are here to rent a cheap room at this lovely establishment.

They're a bit disturbed by their landlords (and who can blame them)...

Clara Keller plays the psychotic landlady, Lila Lash, and Torben Bille is her son, Olaf, a sick and twisted dwarf.

Torben peeps in on the young couple having sex. Then, it's off to find a job for Peter and Mary stays behind.

We learn that there's a sex slave operation going on in the attic, with Olaf and his wicked mother administering heroine to the victims, and bringing in paying customers.

It's all very dark and depressing... and gets even worse when mama breaks into a macabre musical number straight out of a David Lynch movie.

Peter gets a job, leaving Mary at home alone for several days (this won't end well).  Little does this young couple know: Mary is being watched by Olaf through the wall, and Peter is actually an unwitting drug runner.

Mary discovers the sex ring upstairs and tries to save the slaves, but is discovered by Olaf and his mother!

And so, Mary becomes one of the attic sex slaves and lots of uncomfortable scenes ensue.  I won't spoil the rest - suffice it to say, it's a tad unpleasant.

So, what does the Professor and Gilligan have to say about this mess?  Tune in to find out!

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