Vintage Reads #54: Titular Tramps

Hey, if you can't come up with an attention grabbing title for your sleazy paperback (like "Sintrigue" or "Lust for Kicks"), then just slap a girl's name on the cover and be done with it. Here's a bunch of trashy reads featuring trashy ladies from Amy to Vicky. Enjoy...

Where's Christina?  Not to worry.  There's an entire post on her.

Didn't see your name here?  No worries.  Another round won't be far behind.


  1. va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va va voom!!!!

  2. Fisk Ellington Rutledge IIIFebruary 19, 2016

    I think I'm gonna get me some dough and buy me a bunch of these. Then I'm gonna get me a flat bottle of liquor and some cigarettes and go down to the bus station with some pals of mine and we're gonna have a book club and play some pin ball and pick up some ladies.

    Hey, I heard this joke the other day.

    A guy was on a bus and at this one stop a guy got on the bus who was drunk as a boiled owl. The drunk staggered back and sat down Next to that one guy. The guy was sitting on the aisle across from the drunk, see? So at the next stop this fine lady gets on and as she walks by that one guy says, "Tickle your tail with a feather." The lady looks at him all huffy mad and says, "Pardon meeee?"

    The guy says, "Oh, I said it certainly is nice weather."

    The lady smiles and slips him a piece of paper with her phone number on it.

    As the next stop another snappy babe gets on and as she walks by that one guy says, "Tickle your tail with a feather."

    The babe says, "Are you trying to get fresh?"

    The guy says, "Oh, I'm sorry, I just said we certainly are having nice weather."

    The babe looks all sweet and lovey dovey and slips the guy a piece of paper with her number on it; and she gives it a lipstick KISS!!

    The drunk looks over at the guy and says, "Hey. How the hell do you do that?"

    The guy says, "It's easy see? When a rocking chick walks by I just say, 'tickle your tail with a feather.' When they get all monthly, I just smile and say something that sounds like feather; like weather. They don't know what hit 'um. They'll do later though. Know what I mean?"

    At the next stop another jamming' piece of trim gets on the bus. The drunk leans over to the guy and says, "Hey Jack, lemme play this one."

    As she walks past the drunk sings out, "Tingle your tail with a feather. Ha ha ha."

    The doll spins around and says, "WHAT did you SAY!!??"

    The drunk says, "Hey!! You want a nice hard FUCK!!??"

  3. You have a great collection! I love this website!!!