Vinyl Dynamite #57

Another mixed bag from my stacks o' wax.  Enjoy.

Super Connie Cato (1974)

Connie Cato released three records from '74 to '77, then faded into obscurity.... well, she never really climbed out of obscurity to begin with, but you get my meaning.  I came across her debut LP, saw the massive wig and a track called "Superskirt", and simply had to have a listen.

With lyrics like this, I wasn't disappointed (expectations were set extremely low)...
There she goes, into the night
'Awaggin' her body
Gettin' everybody uptight
Searchin' out a victim
She's a-gonna fill with hurt
Faster than a hurricane
That's Super Skirt.


"Super Kitten"

The back cover certainly makes Ms. Cato out to be the next big thing...

Connie may only be a demure nineteen, but in the low green hills surrounding her hometown of Bethalte .Illinois, she's already as well known as... well... as well-known as anybody. Anywhere! And not only that, but her name has spread quickly throughout the entire midwest and parts south as that super single, "Superskirt," moved up the charts and said more than any mere words here might.

Along with "Superskirt," Connie's second super single,"Super Kitten," is also featured in this album, and this toe tapper is guaranteed to carry the special Cato message even farther.

So it's just a matter of time before the whole country knows about her, because after all, it only takes one listen to that super voice to know super Connie Cato. This album should do the trick.

Funky Entertainment (1979)

Wait - what is she doing with that alien's ear?
Brainstorm was a disco funk outfit that released three albums, this being their last.  It's just about as generic as you can get.  I've selected "Popcorn" as I think it's the best track on the album (which should tell you something).  And, no, it's not the Gershon Kingsley classic - if only that were so.

"Popcorn" by Brainstorm

Valley of the Dolls (1967)

Call me crazy, but I prefer the Russ Meyer-Roger Ebert schlockfest that is Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.  At least that was fun; this is just a yawnfest.  Maybe it was a bit risque for mainstream theaters, and yes it's got Sharon Tate, but there's not a whole lot for a guy like me to enjoy here.

The same goes for the soundtrack.  I expected some bouncy space-age pop, or some bubblegum psychedelia.... instead, I get music less lively than Joey Bishop.  Here's the opening track with narration by Barbara Parkins:

"Theme from 'Valley of the Dolls'"


Preciosa LP by Los Soberanos
I got this record because it has a picture of a woman seductively eating french fries.  It's pretty generic stuff; someone who's fluent in the language and this style of music would perhaps appreciate it more than I do.  However, I have to say, I do enjoy some of these songs, especially the one below.

"Mujer No Llores"


  1. I used to have that Valley of the Dolls album also, but I never warmed up to the music.

  2. Gilligan, I'm surprised that you didn't like the movie Valley Of The Dolls. I really loved that movie. It was like a movie spin-off of Mad Men, focusing on the actresses instead of the people in advertising.

    I may be biased because I am such a fan of camp movies, along with the psycho-biddy genre.

  3. Allow me to explain.The aliens of Planet Brainstorm have a slightly different anatomy than ours.The photo was taken in an intergalactic VIP room while the bouncer was looking the other way.Kind of a miracle since Brainstormian bouncers are capable of 270 degree vision.Enjoy!

  4. Damn, audio isn't loading. Just empty Flash boxes. So glad Flash is dying off.