Artful Conception #29: The A Frame (Part IV)

It's been a while since we left the A Frame.  If we're going to collect every vintage example of its occurrence, we'd better pick up the pace!

As a refresher, the A Frame is simply a way of framing a picture using a man or woman's widened legs.  You don't see the upper portion of the body of the individual providing the A frame, and your perspective is through their legs.  It generally is a position of power, where the one below and beneath is submissive to the anonymous A Frame.

But enough talk, let's have a look at another pile of examples...

Perhaps the most famous example is the movie poster for For Your Eyes Only, an A frame we covered in an earlier post.  This National Lampoon cover is a direct copy....

And this MAD magazine panel highlights the real reason the A Frame went viral...

...it's just so damn provocative.  There's just something about it.  It's not just the chick's butt, it's the feeling it evokes.

When it's the female providing the A Frame, it seems like things get sexed up a bit. We'll get to the male A Frames later - you'll see, there's a whole 'nother psychology behind the male A Frame.

from the film Frankenhooker

Okay, I said you never see the face of the A Frame body... well, that's not always the case.

And speaking of exceptions, you'll notice that there are subtle variations to the theme.  For example, a textbook A Frame looks like this:

The legs literally provide the frame through which we view scene.

However, there are examples with a slightly different angle; where the anonymous individual's legs are a bit to the side...

But we could go on all day, straying farther and farther away from the textbook A Frame.  Before we go off into the weeds, let's look at the Male A Frame....

It's pretty all about dominance and submission when the guy is providing the frame.

When the male is providing the A Frame, it's very often a position of clear dominance.

Well, we'll end there.  Stay tuned for more A Frames, but keep your eye out for examples you come across and send them my.

You'll also note that the A Frame is in full effect today.  There's A Frames a-plenty on current straight-to-DVD covers, etc. But modern day A Frames will have to be a topic for another blogger - this here's Retrospace.  Cheers.


  1. Beautiful! though it seems by error you didn't post a certain famous view of Marisa Mell from "Danger Diabolik".

  2. The "A Frame", LOL

    How in the world do you cme up with this stuff?

  3. The "A Frame", LOL

    How in the world do you cme up with this stuff?