Catalogs #48: Lovelace Lingerie

This 1980s Lovelace Lingerie catalog gives each item in its collection a distinctive name.  Readers are asked to choose "Annabel" or "Ziggy", "Angel" or "Vixen".  The choice is yours - what's your selection?

Here's the cover.  Looks promising, doesn't it?

The whole "hold your hair back in a vaguely enticing manner" is so common in these racy catalogs.  Someday I'll do a whole post of 'em.

Annabel is touching herself from either modesty or abdominal pain - either way, no thanks.

There clearly is no rhyme or reason to the naming system.  The "Tigress" should be an animal print, dammit.

Honeymoon is in the lead; let's see if it can hold onto its top position.

I have a feeling Julia will rock your world.

Hm.  Sharon's overdone the blush, and I feel like she might be high maintenance - the bow about to unfurl is a trap.  Evacuate quickly.

Oh, spunky Cassy with your poorly chosen shoes and pointless pockets.

Showtime nearly gains the pole position for obvious reasons; but we can't judge only by quantity of fabric.

I'm happy with the transparency, but Lynx should, again, be an animal pattern.  At least call it "Jaguar" or "Panther".

Kind of meh; nothing "Lotusy" about this.

Nothing much to complain about Janine - besides that it looks like my grandmother's drapes.

It's Sharon again (this time posing as Selena) - I'd recognize her overly possessive stare anywhere.

Some viable contenders....

Okay, Vixen is clearly in last place.  But who came in first for you?  Elaine? Cassie? Julia?  I've got my favorite, but I don't want to bias the results.


  1. Honeymoon!

  2. great name "Lovelace Lingerie"

  3. My favorite doesn't really matter as they'll all be off and laying on the floor within five seconds of first sight.

  4. First, they should've gotten a 2nd opinion about the mushroom cloud head they used on the cover and Janine. That's just not flattering on any chick. Second, I wish the photographer would've caught that renegade hair seen in Honeymoon and Femme Fatale.

    Yep, Vixen is clearly last place. Her real name is probably Roxanne (or maybe Gary), she has cigarette-coughing fits after she yells at her four illegitimate kids, and her relationships consist of 1) three days of sex and drugs, 2) one day of her constant bitching because there's no more beer, and 3) beating the crap out of each other until he wisely splits.

    As for a winner, I'm going with Tigress, because it's something that can still be worn while she vacuums or makes supper.

  5. You could say Annabel is also "holding her hair back"but maybe the manner is not quite so enticing(chuckle...)

  6. Whoa, Vixen does not look appealing.