Let's Get Physical #15: Lose Weight, Get In Shape!

Since mankind started publishing, there have been eds beckoning readers to get off their lazy asses and get in shape.  I think the last page of the Gutenberg Bible had a thing where you could tear out a coupon for a "free" bodybuilding course.  It's true.

Yes, since we left the hunter gatherer tribes, we have been discontent with our bodies.  We're either too fat or too thin, depending on the decade. Naturally, there's always going to be people out there to capitalize on this dissatisfaction - and here is a stack of ads proclaiming the solution to your problem....

Fat Folks - we're talkin' to you!

I love these aggressive he-man ads.  Are you  tired of being chicken chested, spindle armed, narrow shouldered, short winded, weak, half alive, jeered, bullied.... then do what I did and mail this coupon!

Or, another option is to just wear the Taper-Trim Shirt.

Or, if diet & exercise and wearing uncomfortable shirts bother you, just give yourself a massage!

I can't read this, but evidently there's a vial of some mysterious liquid you add to your sauna suit?

Weight Watchers Magazine  Vol 14 No 02 Mar 1981 
I understand that ladies need their iron... but explain how this will also make you lose weight?

Take these pills if you are TOO FAT TOO FAT TOO FAT TOO FAT!

How long will it take humanity to learn that rubbing yourself with a vibrator will not make you lose weight?

You may develop a bad case of swamp nuts, but just think how slim you'll feel!

.... ummm, because she's irrationally ashamed of her body because of shitty ads like these?

Nah.  Chewing gum is too much work.  Don't you have anything that will just magically make my fat disappear?  (Enter gastric-bypass surgery)

Sold at drugstores everywhere!*

(*in Juarez City, Mexico)

Well that's one way to grab our attention.


  1. Dang you! I just got another "Let's Get Into Physical" post ready for my blog and then I come here and BLAM - what an awesome post. I am humbled, truly humbled by the incredible assemblage of diet and weight loss ads displayed here!!

  2. Reminds me of those diet candies called "AYDS".
    Maybe it's time for a comeback!

  3. Oh well, yes I remember seeing these types of ads in old magazines, but for me....I'll keep going to the gym! It works!

  4. Like you, I can't read some of that foreign language. I believe the plastic pants being offered on that one page are not for exercise or weight loss. They might be incontinence products, sort of a grown up version of the rubber pants that go over a baby's cloth diapers, because of the other products on that one page.

  5. Slim-Skins is a vacuum cleaner attachment. Well a little more than that maybe. It's "vacuum pants" that came with a universal attachment for your vacuum cleaner. I was drawn to the Slim-Skins ad because I was thoroughly looking for some kind of disclaimer to their outrageous weight loss claim. Well they say results vary but that they actually "guarantee" at least 9 inches total off your abdomen, hips, thighs and waist IN 3 DAYS or your money back! Even in 1978 how did state and Federal Trade Commissions let them get away with this?

    1. Found various bits of newspaper copy profiling this - just amazing.

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