Pulp Pages #7:Intimate Story (August 1963)

Half the fun of these magazines are the ridiculous titles like "He Wanted Me For Just Fun-Dates" and accompanying pictures.  The articles themselves, however, never fail to disappoint.

I'll also mention that these rags are increasingly difficult to find.  I mean, what kind of person, other than a certifiable hoarder, intentionally keeps this trash around for fifty plus years?  Visit your local flea market or antique shop and you're likely to find plenty of National Geographic or LIFE magazines, but this stuff was almost never saved.

So, you can thank me later for at least taking some to find and preserve a few pages of these often disposed of periodicals.  You're welcome.


  1. I can't decide if the newsprint jacket-shirt is quirky and fun or just dumb.

  2. So what is wrong with the girl whose parents say she is not normal?

    1. Seriously. I'm sure it's something incredibly lame, like her grandmother was Presbyterian instead of Episcopalian, but that's part of the fun.