Sex Sells #33: Odd Products

It always fascinates me when a product unexpectedly uses the "sex sells" approach.  You expect it from advertising for cars, stereos, fashion, booze, and tobacco....  but when a product like an office labeler, rice or horse manure tries to sell the sizzle, it's a happy surprise.

This hiring service decided to go topless in their advertising.  Okay.  I won't deny - it definitely gets your attention.

They're selling eye drops... yet their models are in complete disco attire and about to make whoopie.  I get they're giving away a diamond, but it's not the approach you expect from an eye drop ad.

Multiple Sclerosis - a worthy cause, without queston.... but why the semi-naked chick?  It was the 70s after all.

You wouldn't expect a hydraulic brake manufacturer would try to sell the sizzle, but I'm certainly glad they did.  Abex - you da real MVP.

Okay we're selling false eyelashes in a pharmacy trade magazine... let's have the model be totally nude.  I mean, when she's sitting you can practically see the cooch!

Not exactly your average Home Depot advertisement.  Does a nude chick really help sell paint?

The wife, naked as a jaybird, behind a dimpled glass shower door - the perfect picture for an oil heat advertisement, right?

Antacids and sex; not a combination you'd expect, but I'm game.

The look she's giving us - like she wants to rock our world.... and it's a gas station ad.  Go figure.

This ad is actually from 1940.  A barenaked lady is used to sell shallow well water systems.  Now I've seen it all.  We can all go home now.


  1. What year is the Oil Heat ad from? Looks like '60s by her hair style, or possibly early '70s. I love that one.

    1. Be glad it wasn't her barely covered by the glass...


  2. The parameters of my vintage lust generally run from the '50s through the '70s but I can see now that I am going to have to check out the '40s.

    1. Go to Google Books-Life Magazine...they have all sorts of cheesecake-your ads in those pages ( particularly the WWII issues! ;) )

    2. In the early days of mens magazines, a disproportionate great many of the models were Jewish. Over 140 Playboy Playmates of the Month have been Jewish. Here is a large selection of very attractive women.

  3. Q: Does a nude chick really help sell house paint?
    A: Couldn't hurt!

  4. For the sake of accuracy the Italian girl with the painted derriere is selling car paint, not house paint. Shame on you!

  5. The "Hire company" is what we in America call an equipment rental service for contractors.

  6. Brakes. The things that slow down a bus are not "breaks."