Vinyl Dynamite #61: Webster - Good Secrets! Bad Secrets!

Look, I'm not so jaded as to doubt the good intentions behind this record as a public service against child molestation.  Nor do I doubt the good intentions of the seemingly endless string of 1980s sitcoms which took a dark turn down the molestation route.

That being said - Dear God, this record is f***ing sick.  It contains two peppy songs for kids about getting molested ("Good Touch" and "It's Your Body" by John Braden) and a quaint little story of Webster's schoolmate getting tickled in bad places by his babysitter.

"Good Touch" by John Braden

Story Side A

Story Side B

"It's Your Body" by John Braden

Back Cover


Record Sleeve

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  1. Google images of MJ and Webster.I wonder which one this one falls under?