Vinyl Dynamite #63

Four more random selections from my gigantic stax o' wax compiled for your auditory pleasure. It's a heavenly hash of disco, cocktail pop, prog rock, and celeb drivel.  Enjoy.

More Music from The Man from UNCLE (1965)

A super groovy soundtrack conducted by the one and only Hugo Montenegro.  We recently covered a couple Man from UNCLE flicks (Double Features 22 and 23), so I was in the mood for some cloak-and-dagger sounds, and I even took time to record one for you...

"Jungle Heat"

Lisa Hartman (1983)

This record has always intrigued me, for obvious reasons.  I knew Lisa Hartman from Knots Landing and guests on things like Solid Gold and Fantasy Island.  To see her in skimpy lingerie at my local record store was quite an eyeful for a young lad.

Yet, I never purchased the record.  It's as if I instinctively knew the music sucked.  And my instincts proved true.

"Hidin' from Love"

Nektar - Down to Earth (1974)

Rock snobs will no doubt shake their head in shame, but I'd never heard of Nektar.  Evidently this is their fifth album, and they're a fairly well known prog rock band.  I wasn't super impressed, but the fact that my record is pretty warped didn't help.  I'll let you decide.

"Astral Man"

French Kiss (1979)

Aside from the standout cheesecake cover, there's nothing about this disco LP that stands out.  It's your typical disco stuff, with plenty of "Oop! Oop!" chants, relentless cocaine fueled beats, and mind-numbing repetitive refrains.



  1. Ah, French Kiss. Where are they now ?

    1. Broke, they never got paid for this album and Yvette was the producers Little something something.

  2. I won that Nektar album at a boardwalk game in the 70's. Lot's o' bong hits polished off with this playing....

  3. Lisa Hartman knew enough about music to marry country singer Clint Black...