Comic Books #57: EEEAAAHHH! and Other Screams of Terror

What does one say when attacked by a stalactite monster or giant totem bear?  Well, it turns out there's lots of options.  "EEEAAAHHH!" is a popular one, but "AAARRRGHHH!" is pretty good too.  Let's look at some screams and exclamations from comics from yesteryear...


Vintage Scan #49: Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 3

Here is our third and last installment for the March 7th issue of Bachelor's Beat.  But have no fear - we have several more issues to go.  Can you dig it?


Mini Skirt Monday #214: Yellow Minis

Over the years, we've done red minis (MM 199), pink minis (MM 188)  and way back in 2011 we did the little black dress (MM 74).  We've even done stripes (MM 92).

Well, today we're moving on to yellow.  I'll refrain from any Coldplay reference, and move right along to the pictures...


Vintage Men's Mags #44: Women with Weapons

The men's action rag gets a bad rap for being misogynistic.  Sure, there's no doubt they were... but they also featured a ton of powerful women as well.  For every helpless damsel being tortured by Nazis, there was a badass chick with a gun some schmuck's hide.

So, here's a stack of dangerous dames, lethal ladies, and warrior women for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


Album Covers #46

It's time for our forty-sixth helping of vintage vinyl covers.  As always, they're odd, awful, and slightly sleazy.  Enjoy.


Double Feature #28:Joëlle Coeur

Jeunes Filles Impudiques (1973)/ Les Démoniaques (1974)

Tonight's features star actress Joëlle Coeur. I know she isn't exactly a household name, but maybe she should be.  Coeur definitely brings a much-needed sexy mojo to often-tedious French flicks.  Both of these films are directed by Jean Rollin - so you know the Euro-Sleaze is in full effect - and Coeur elevates both of these into something highly watchable.  Enjoy.

Sex Sells #34

Sometimes an ad is so special it deserves a whole post unto itself. Jelly Tits is just such an ad.  What can I say except '1976 was a special kind of year'.


Vintage Scan #48: Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 2

Are you ready for a few more pages from that swingin', go-go groovy newspaper for the Phoenix jet-set?  Let's go!

School Daze #15: Senior Quotes '72

This Class of '72 Yearbook provided the opportunity for seniors to list the good times and what they'll miss and - what they want to forget.  This, naturally, also provided seniors with the opportunity to list some pretty odd and cryptic answers.

Kathleen and Karen above give answers the way I'm sure the Yearbook Committee envisioned.  Kathleen will miss "roller skating with friends" and "Junior Skip Day", while Karen will miss "skiing" and "surprise parties".  Pretty typical benign stuff..... but let's have a look at some other students whose answers are a bit more interesting....


Let's Get Physical #16: Random Ephemera

Here's a potpourri of fitness ephemera for your viewing pleasure.  Lots of ladies in aerobics outfits, fitness ads, and other random stuff from the 1960s through 80s.  Enjoy.


Vintage Scan #47: Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 1

I came across this goldmine of a time capsule to a world-long-gone - the bachelor's paradise that was the 1960s. It's a world of groovy chicks and go-go bars on every corner.  This particular newspaper is from the Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona locale, but it's no different than urban centers across this swingin' land in the 60s.

Indeed, this paper is so chock full of happenin' articles and shagadelic ads, that I can't squeeze it all into a single post.  This has to be taken page by page, not missing a detail.... and I've got several issues.  So, here is the first in a series on the mighty Bachelor's Beat.  Enjoy.


Ads #84: Appliances 1967-1968

Appliance ads from the 1950s through early 60s consisted of proclamations of space-age technology and how it would absolutely change the lives of housewives the world over... and they weren't exaggerating.  The fridge (with defrost!), the oven (self cleaning!), the dishwasher, and the washer/dryer came in quick succession to American homes, and it did indeed change lives.  You might even say it gave women the freedom to leave the home and actually pursue careers.

By 1967-68 (when all of these are pulled from) the orgiastic frenzy had simmered down.  But, as you'll see, they are still directly targeting women, and they are still plenty happy to get that frost-free freezer!

Catalogs #49: International Exotic Glamourwear 1980

The International Exotic Glamourwear Catalogue clearly was the clothing outlet of choice for 1980s prostitutes.  But that's not to say these sleazy styles aren't worthy of ogling - indeed, there's something about the tacky splendor of 80s "exotic glamourwear" that guys love (and are among Retrospace's most popular posts).

Sadly, 1980s streetwalkers and Solid Gold dancers are a thing of the past; but, we're keeping their gaudy yet sexy flame alive.  Enjoy another round.


Pulp Pages #8: My Romance (Feb 1951)


So, I've scanned a stack of pages from a 1951 issue My Romance.  As you might predict, the articles aren't much to read, but the advertisements and illustrations are the true joy of this old rag.  Let's dive in...


Wonder Woman: S2E10

Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1 - December 2nd, 1977

To ride the gravy train that was the Star Wars craze, Wonder Woman, injected a little outer space mojo into the program - a two-part sci-fi bonanza.  The episode was directed by Michael Caffey, the dad of one of the Go-Go's. Will you be head over heels for these episodes? My lips are sealed.

My apologies for the puns - but they were necessary.  Read on....

Mini Skirt Monday #213: Reading (Part IV)

We've covered the theme of minis & reading three times before; Let's continue with the  theme and take a look at another round of minis among reading material.  Enjoy.


Cinema #41: Name That Movie

We've covered a lot of films over the last eight years.  Whether it's a Retro Film Report, Double Feature or a Cinema post, Retrospace has talked about its fair share of flicks - usually those a few miles off the beaten path.  So, let's see if you've been paying attention...

Below are random images from a selection of movies covered on Retrospace.  I've rendered them so you can't easily tell by actors or by doing an easy image search (and in doing so, I was sort of struck by how beautiful and interesting some of them looked).

Anyway, there's no prizes (the days of Trivia Newton John are long gone, I'm afraid). But it's fun to guess.  I won't lie - they're pretty hard.   Not only are most of the films obscure, but the images selected aren't exactly iconic either.  But it might be fun to take a stab at a few.

Vinyl Dynamite #64

What do the soundtrack to Rollerball, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Convoy and 60s Jet Set music have in common?  Absolutely nothing.  Enjoy another eclectic mix from my record collection.


Retro Film Report #54: Perv Doctors

 Circus of Horrors (1960)/ La Dottoressa Sotto il Lenzuolo (1976)/ Dr. Sex (1964)

Three movies coming at you, all featuring doctors as the lead characters... and all a bit perverted.  In Circus, Anton Diffring plays a demented plastic surgeon who gets off on controlling women by restoring their disfigured faces.  In La Dottoressa, we have Italian medical residents, who also happen to be sex crazed buffoons, and in Dr. Sex, we have perverted psychiatrists courtesy Wayne "Trapper John" Rogers (a doctor double whammy).  Enjoy.


TV Guide #14: Dec. 5-11, 1981

Private Benjamin's look says it all - 1981 wasn't exactly a high point in TV history.  Gone were the days of groundbreaking Norman Lear sitcoms, insane variety shows and "jiggle TV".  Television was definitely in a lull; but Cosby and friends lurked right around the corner.


Ads #83: Money

It's interesting to have a look at credit card advertisements from a time when we were all pretty naive about the whole business.  What started as a diners club card became a way of life for Americans just a couple decades later.

So, here's some credit card and a few other money related ads, back before guys like Samuel L. Jackson and Alec Baldwin were telling us to go into debt.


Vintage Men's Mags #43: Two from '63

Here's a look inside a couple men's magazines from 1963; a time when Playboy reigned supreme, and men's magazines still kept it classy. We'll check out the ads, the articles, the humor, and, of course, the girls.  Enjoy.


Mini Skirt Monday #212: Minis 'n' Trees

It's time to retreat back into the forest to find the miniskirt captured in the wild, among the trees.  MM 129 and MM 130 dealt with minis among the foliage; but that was 2012.  It's high time we returned to woods and catch the mini as nature intended.  Enjoy.

Vintage Scan #46: Star Hits 1984

For your reading pleasure, I have scanned the entire May 1984 issue of Star Hits magazine.  Come with me and stroll through its pages - or, if you like, DOWNLOAD the whole shebang.  Enjoy!


The Vintage Home #25: Bedrooms

Here's a handful of old-school bedroom images I found interesting.  Enjoy.

Double Feature #27: Confessions of a ....

Any conversation about the Confessions series inevitably leads to a comparison to the Carry On films.  Both franchises share a particularly bawdy brand of humor; however, Confessions is almost universally regarded as inferior.

The caliber of acting in Confessions is certainly worse (often dire) and the level of humor is consistently idiotic. However, the Confessions films have one edge over Carry On - and that is a happy willingness to get sleazy.  While Benny Hill, Are You Being Served? and Carry On could certainly get risque with their humor - Confessions could get downright graphic, with copious full frontal nudity.

The Confessions movies are based on the novels of Christopher Wood and each feature Robin Askwith as the cluelessly promiscuous Timothy Lea and Anthony Booth as Sydney his brother-in-law. The films greatly benefitted from the relaxation of censorship laws in Britain, and a more sexually permissive culture (as evidenced by the tidal wave of sex-coms coming out of England and Australia at the time). What better time to translate a series of sex paperbacks to film?