Album Covers #46

It's time for our forty-sixth helping of vintage vinyl covers.  As always, they're odd, awful, and slightly sleazy.  Enjoy.

Not sure what the hell is going on here.  It doesn't look like a "party", but then I'm a little old fashioned.

Can you imagine waking up to nine guys in matching shirts and facial hair maniacally swooping over you?  The poor girl.

Easily one of the worst covers I've ever laid eyes on.  The matching spandex is horrifying.  And which is it - "Fancy" or "Simple Life"?  You can't have both, Rock Flash.

Hey, if these pretty mamasitas are the instructors, go ahead and sign me up for all of 'em.

Eddie is totally using this album cover photoshoot as an opportunity to get touchy with this model's backside.  Nice try, Santiago.  Busted.

I don't think that's Sergio on the cover of this 1978 LP, but I'm not complaining.

Somebody get Juanita a jacket.  She looks cold.

Almost seeing too much of Patrick here; this is one time I'm thankful for the suds.  And, yeah, Teddy was hysterical.

There's just not enough albums featuring a Dragonflycycle

Like a good christian, Marc is thanking God for the view.

An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie ... one piece bathing suit?

They did a lot of drugs back then.  A lot of drugs.

I don't think this bath is going to end well.


  1. Someone get Juanita a banana.


    1. Fixed to Dragonflycycle. Apologies. Our entomologist on the editorial staff was sleeping at the wheel again. He's since been let go.

  2. I think that one is Dragon Flcycle actually. Stumbled on your page 2 weeks ago and pretty much dug through the whole thing! Thank you, excellent material!

  3. "The matching spandex is horrifying!" and of course our eyes zoomed to the spandex because they might be NAKED! under those jackets. Is that a Yugo motorcycle?

  4. I wanna be Eddie Santiago when I grow up.

  5. Matia Bazar: "not... end well..." Or not end well with pancakes?
    I'm fearing further for the lass on the beach above.

  6. Quartetto Cetra can be heard in an episode of Breaking Bad. Song is Crapa Pelada however not Juanita Banana. Fun song. Its up on youtube for anyone interested.

  7. AnonymousMay 03, 2016

    Now this... is ART!