Catalogs #49: International Exotic Glamourwear 1980

The International Exotic Glamourwear Catalogue clearly was the clothing outlet of choice for 1980s prostitutes.  But that's not to say these sleazy styles aren't worthy of ogling - indeed, there's something about the tacky splendor of 80s "exotic glamourwear" that guys love (and are among Retrospace's most popular posts).

Sadly, 1980s streetwalkers and Solid Gold dancers are a thing of the past; but, we're keeping their gaudy yet sexy flame alive.  Enjoy another round.

Each item on the rack at International Glamourwear gets its own name.  This one's called "Casbah" because..... well, nevermind why.

A cleavage exposing animal print dress with gold lamé sandals on a shag carpet - now that's what I call style.

Arabella - she's a regular Disney Princess

Nothing about this says 'Mata Hari', yet I'm okay with that.  Don't question - just enjoy.

Desiree has quickly become favorite item.  I'm a sucker for elegance and tasteful beauty.

The Astra isn't exactly something you'd want to wear to the prom... but, then again, you'd be the most popular girl at the dance for sure.

Mistral has the "O Face" down pat.  And here it is in black...

Crawling her way from Milan to Minsk.

Most poorly named outfit of the bunch.   

This model seems to be suffering from abdominal pain.  Quick - someone get her an antacid.

The plunge is evidently popular among prison bitches.

Hm.  Seems like they could've come up with a better name than "Shelley" - not exactly up to par with the Voluptua and Seduction.

So which one is your favorite?  Sabrina? Bernadette?  Avril?  Corienne?

Or, perhaps, you prefer something more simple.  I've got just the one....


  1. The look in Cherie says "Please don't kill me. I'll do whatever you want!" instead of "Come here and give me what I need!"

  2. "Tarantella".Named after the dance or the hairy arachnid crawling out of her waistband?Props to most of the other models who kept the their curlies in check.

  3. Astra and Seduction: Those are definitely not poses that a chick should do to sell sexy lingerie. Gah.

    Ethiopia probably has stomach problems because she just ate rancid meat covered with maggots. Ethiopia, ya know.

    The Mistral and Voluptua reminds me of Randi Brooks. You know, The Man with Two Brains, "you like music? Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Oyl." Body of near perfection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy4K-qt0m1Q

  4. Only two or three of the models are smiling, and I find them the most inviting.

  5. I like the "White Tigress."
    Sexy AND practical.

  6. The Pompeii girl looks like she has a big painful bruise on her cheek!

  7. Good post. I appreciated the Seinfeld reference.

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  9. Seduction needed to do one last pass with the Lady Bic.

  10. Seduction needed to do one last pass with the Lady Bic.

  11. >yfw the Arabella would pass for a Red Carpet evening gown today
    Diana: Clash Of The Titans anyone?
    There is still that golden incandescent glow permeating all this photography; so warm and soothing and inviting. And the subtle soft focusing on such plates as Mombassa, Cassandra Orchid and Temptation makes me smile.