Cinema #41: Name That Movie

We've covered a lot of films over the last eight years.  Whether it's a Retro Film Report, Double Feature or a Cinema post, Retrospace has talked about its fair share of flicks - usually those a few miles off the beaten path.  So, let's see if you've been paying attention...

Below are random images from a selection of movies covered on Retrospace.  I've rendered them so you can't easily tell by actors or by doing an easy image search (and in doing so, I was sort of struck by how beautiful and interesting some of them looked).

Anyway, there's no prizes (the days of Trivia Newton John are long gone, I'm afraid). But it's fun to guess.  I won't lie - they're pretty hard.   Not only are most of the films obscure, but the images selected aren't exactly iconic either.  But it might be fun to take a stab at a few.



  1. #3 Dracula, AD 1972 (Johnny Alucard sacrificing Caroline Munroe)

    #17 The House that Dripped Blood (Jon Pertwee and Ingrid Pitt segment)

    #36 Pretty Maids All in a Row (directed by Roger Vadim?, scripted by Gene Roddenberry)

    I'm tempted to make up and submit fake titles for some of these like "Murder by Menstrual Cramps" for #23, Klaus Kinski in "Porter, There's a Dead Blonde in my Bed" for #22, or "Invasion of the Vinyl People" for #7.

  2. I apologize.

    #6 Bob and Carol and Medicine Crow and Alice

    #7 They Turn Orange When You Pee In Them

    #9 Mr. Cosby Can’t Wait Forever, Linda!

    1. Again, Gilligan, sorry for the derailing, but a few more fake titles:

      #8: Richard Hatch stars in "Pancakes in an RV: Why Wait for Mini-Skirt Monday?"

      #16: Michael Berryman in "The Erotic Cake Froster Also Has Eyes"

      #19: "The Erotic Adventures of Kolchak, the Night Stalker"

      #18: "This Ain't Richard Hatch's RV"

      #21: "Nathaniel Hawthorne's Puritans Gone Wild"

    2. Dude that is hilarious - I particularly love no. 7. I wish I could hire you as a caption writer, if that was actually a job... and I actually made any money doing this.

    3. I'm glad you got a giggle out of some of my fake offerings. I've been reading and enjoying Retrospace off and on since the blogspot days but rarely comment. I do particularly enjoy your reviews of various obscure exploitation flicks (even if their actual titles rarely stay in my memory) and your more recent move into TV Guide nostalgia. Oh, and your Wonder Woman review, of course.

  3. bottom pic was pretty maids all in a row with rock hudson, joy bang and joanna cameron. All pix look color-treated

  4. Of course the lobby card at the top is form the Tingler !
    As for the others,

    #6 - Bobbie jo & the Outlaw
    #8 - Best Friends
    #9 - Boing Boing
    #25 - Prime Cut
    #34 - The Love God
    #36 - Pretty Maids all in a row

    That is all I got from a quick glance.

  5. #1 - Mighty Peking Man
    #2 - The Ambushers
    #3 - Dracula 1972
    #4 - Skrewballs
    #5 - Alice Goodbody
    #7 - Beast in Space
    #10 - Deadly Friend (Bebe bebe bebe)
    #12 - Gas Pump Girls (I can't believe I knew this one)
    #14 is Get Crazy.
    #17 - The house that dripped Blood
    #18 - Judy
    #19 - La Machine a Decoudre
    #21 - Love at Stake
    #22 - Lover of the Monster
    #26 - Return to Horror High
    #27 - Schizo
    #31 - Sleep Away Camp 2 (not to be confused with . . . never mind)
    #33 - Zombeavers

    Okay, I am getting a little obsessed with this.
    Someone else take over.

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  7. Two more

    #20 - Colpo in Canna

    #13 - Gatorbait II: Cajun Justice (had this wrong at first)

  8. I am hooked

    #11 - Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (I need a shower)
    #15 - Ghoulies III
    #16 - Haunting Fear
    #23 - Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil
    #24 - Please Turn Over
    #32 - Strip Poker
    #35 - The Mutations (Tricky. I thought that was Paul Bartel. My bad)

    That is it.
    I am going to bed !

  9. Frankly, I'm impressed. As I said, these are obscure flicks, with a random scene given stylized treatment... yet, you all are nailing it. I'm trying to see which ones are left...

    #28 -Sessomato
    #29 is Dracula, Dirty Old Man
    #30 is Summer School (See Horshack Redemption episode 30)

    And I think that covers all of them. Good job everybody - with Lacey clearly the MVP!