Comic Books #57: EEEAAAHHH! and Other Screams of Terror

What does one say when attacked by a stalactite monster or giant totem bear?  Well, it turns out there's lots of options.  "EEEAAAHHH!" is a popular one, but "AAARRRGHHH!" is pretty good too.  Let's look at some screams and exclamations from comics from yesteryear...

What does one say when a monster grabs you by the throat?  "YAAAAGH!", of course.

But this next fella elects to use the "EEE-AH-H-H-H-H!", which as we'll see, may be the most frequently used exclamation of all.

Of course, when grabbed by a giant tentacle, the only appropriate thing to say is "AAAGGHHH!"

When face to face with a giant ant, just yell "EEEEYAAAARRRRRRGH!"

Yep, Henry has the response down pat.  Giant ant appears, and Henry is back with the "EEEYAAAARRGH!", but with a few less "R"s.

Women are more apt to use the "EEEEEEEEEE" when confronted with ghosts, monsters and the like, than the men, who generally go for something that sounds like "ARG".
 This dude just randomly shouts "EEEYAHHH!"

This chick has a more appropriate use for the "EEEYAAAAAA!" She drops the "H" and adds a few more "A"s to mix things up.

All together now: "EEEYYYAAAHHH!!"
 "AAAGGHHH" - this guy hates to be touched

"YARRK!!" Now that's a new one. Engineers just always gotta be different.

 The artist opts for the "YIIIII", which I think Eddie Vedder yells at the end of "Jeremy"

Like I said - the chicks always go screams with lots of  "EEEE"s

And, like I said, the men generally shy away from the "E"-centric screams, and generally go with the "ARG" and its variants.

Back to the "EEEYYAAAAA!"

When having a run-in with animated heaps of garbage, the natural thing to say is "YIII!"

Just add a few extra "I"s if it's an animated bull statue

Did this guy just say what I think he said?

 "AHHHHH-URK!". Nice one.

More ladies going heavy on the "E"s
 When being attached by a horned bear monster and you awkwardly trip over a metal beam, all you can really say is "OWWFFFFF!"
 Knocked on your ass by a giant frog tongue?  All I can say is....


  1. How about an audio comp of Wilhelm Screams through history? Probably been done.

    1. Has been done:

  2. Har! Har! Har! Is all I can say to the frog scene too!

  3. "A Monster! EEEEE". Heh heh that's great...

  4. How could you ignore "AAUGH!", the existential cry of despair in "Peanuts"?


  5. I missed a chance to copyright "AIEEEEE!" when I was 14.

    What was I thinking?


  6. EEEAAAHHH Sounds like something you'd hear at a rodeo. I suppose EEEs are a feminine cry of despair because for some reason they're perceived as being emitted at a higher pitch. As in "EEEEK a mouse!"

  7. it just reminds me of that funny 60s song in youtube, 'apecall' or something

    1. I can recall 2 suitable songs from the 60s:

      Gitarzan by Ray Stevens
      Ape Call by Nervous Norvus