Pulp Pages #8: My Romance (Feb 1951)


So, I've scanned a stack of pages from a 1951 issue My Romance.  As you might predict, the articles aren't much to read, but the advertisements and illustrations are the true joy of this old rag.  Let's dive in...

Ah yes.  Dresses for under two bucks. 

Plus a free Glamour Bustline Course! 

"How many times can a man make a fool of himself over one woman?"

My wife has been asking herself that same question for years.

It's a choice between Velma or Sue.  Which will he choose?

It's not what it looks like.  Gay stories would never make it into a 1951 My Romance.

You'll notice these stories often are illustrated with just a hint of cleavage.... this passed for titillating in 1951.

Can't help but think maybe this is a bad idea.

There are a ton of boob enhancement ads in this magazine...

The Tum-E-Lift looks absolutely medieval 

Here are count'em TWO full page ads for weight loss chewing gum

The magazine is brimming with sex book ads.  Obviously, a lot of folks in '51 were looking for some guidance in the sack...



  1. The world needs more pointy bras.

    1. They only work in sweaters. In a blouse they look silly.

  2. The $1.98 dresses are for deformed women only.
    Those whose waists have the same measurements as their necks.

  3. And why is Leon Trotsky hawking a pimple cream?

  4. Let me get that address for the sex manual. I wonder if it is still just $1.98 ?
    A gal can never learn to much when it come to the bedroom, right?

  5. "They asked me how I knew
    Her brassiere was blue"

  6. Nosecone bras: They Make Breasts PERKY!
    And as others here have noticed: this magazine seems to have a fetish for Victorian level, wasp-waisted women.