School Daze #15: Senior Quotes '72

This Class of '72 Yearbook provided the opportunity for seniors to list the good times and what they'll miss and - what they want to forget.  This, naturally, also provided seniors with the opportunity to list some pretty odd and cryptic answers.

Kathleen and Karen above give answers the way I'm sure the Yearbook Committee envisioned.  Kathleen will miss "roller skating with friends" and "Junior Skip Day", while Karen will miss "skiing" and "surprise parties".  Pretty typical benign stuff..... but let's have a look at some other students whose answers are a bit more interesting....

Cheryl wants to forget "a wicked savage weekend" and "The Dead Body".  WTF?

Carol gives a cryptic and chilling response.  She wants to forget "the McGarrett's relationship with students".

Ray (AKA "Bogus") fondly remembers "smoking in the boys room", but dearly wants to forget "Uncle Al's trying to make me a man".  God I'd love to hear the backstory to that one.

Debbie wants to forget everything and will miss "watching the ugly people".

Holly wants to forget "the dead body".... what the hell happened here?  That's the second student trying to repress memories of a dead body!

Ron really wants to forget "the slaughterhouse man" and "the Great White Father".

Gus wants to forget the day Carol wore hot pants.  Poor Carol!  Could this be the same Carol that wants to forget the mysterious Mr. McGarrett and his shady relationship with students?

Bush just wants to forget something called "The Human Sleeping Pill".  He also makes mention of "five gross errors" which were listed by several other students.

Betty wants to forget all those fights with Charlie.. and "Charlie beating me up!"  Is this a cry for help?  And what was that unwanted thing she found in her pocket?

Tom is a member of the Drug Committee, yet he went to a Jethro Tull concert - those don't add up.  Of course, he wants to forget "The Zodiac Man"... don't we all?

Remember that wicked savage weekend that somehow may have involved dead bodies?  Well, Sparky was there too.

I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cheryl and Sparky!

Roach wants to forget his "steak knife" and "Purple Haze".  Possibly related to the aforementioned dead body?  I guess we'll never know... but I'm betting The Great White Father, Uncle Al and The Slaughterhouse Man are behind it all.

Deb will miss "all the local necropheliacs".  What in the ever-lovin' fuck?!?

And finally, we'll end with good ol' Robert.  No cryptic messages of abuse, no love for necrophilia, no dark words of a dead body.
"The good times: Partying all the time... I'll miss: Partying".  
Amen, brother.


  1. Maybe, like in Fast Times at Ridgemont High,these students went on a field trip to the morgue to see a dead body for Biology.My 7th grade class went to a funeral home on a field trip and the family who owned the business kept jars of homemade tomato puree in the room where they embalmed the cadavers.Apparently...I couldn't forget.

  2. Yearbooks always had cryptic/sexual/drug messages ("accidental H's") under students' names. Nowadays I imagine pending yearbook messages are submitted to the school legal department and law enforcement for approval.

  3. We have the plot of one of your early '80s slasher pixs here.

  4. C.D. finding something unwanted in a pocket. So C.D. (I don't think C.D. is Charlie but perhaps),so maybe Betty pranked C.D. with goo or rubber something placed in his pocket. Poor Betty, the girl's basketball team captain, lived in a violent world: First there was P.L and D.L. hitting the fence; Cindy and Bernie fighting and C.D. breaking a chair - and those were her good times! Under WTF (Want To Forget) we find - Mal's rotten moods, fights with Charlie (who is remembered emphatically in the good times section as CHARLIE, C.D.'s black and blue, D.onna and R.ick's fights, Bernie's garbage mouth and of course Charlie beating her up! She disliked working at the drugstore but perhaps it was a situation she should have used to her advantage.

  5. The 'Noah's Ark' reference makes me think it might be Wisconsin.

  6. Repeated mentions of "Kancamangus" probably refer to the the Kancamagus Highway,a 35 mile scenic drive along New Hampshire's Rt. 112 in Northern New Hampshire that is well known as one of the best Fall Foliage viewing areas in the country and a notorious party zone for drunks and stoners of all ages...

  7. I wonder if Tom was ever able to forget Larry's organ...?