Vintage Men's Mags #43: Two from '63

Here's a look inside a couple men's magazines from 1963; a time when Playboy reigned supreme, and men's magazines still kept it classy. We'll check out the ads, the articles, the humor, and, of course, the girls.  Enjoy.

Caper - March 1963

The cover girl here is Monique Virel; I couldn't find any information about her, and she's not in the magazine itself.  So, Miss Virel will remain a mystery.

Some interesting artwork for a short story - "The Plaid Chameleon Strikes!" by DG Lloyd

Caper has soom cool gift recommendations.  (1) Thank God It's Friday cuff links and tie pin, (2) a Rebel flag lighter that plays Dixie each time you light up, (3) a little black book for all those swingers out there, (4) eyeball cuff links, (5) a solid brass car plate that says "This car made especially for {your name}, and (6) a naked lady ice cube tray.  So classy!


A good bit of this issue is devoted to Ella Morgan from England.  I Googled her without much luck, so I'm not sure whatever became of her.  The article states that this is her first modelling gig; perhaps it was also her last.

Ella is topless in this issue, but this being 1963, you don't quite get to see all of Miss Morgan.

Your one stop shop for tape recorders and cardigan sweaters.

If only this was the Donna Douglas from The Beverly Hillbillies; alas, it is not.  Ellie May Clampett was a devout Christian and would never have considered the option of takin' it off for Caper.

I have a couple Woody Woodbury records; he's fairly funny.  Slightly risque, but nothing approaching Redd Foxx.

The centerfold is French model, Kim Collette, another name that faded into oblivion.

Wow.  An actual advertisement for a Tisch-Bumbass - a "one man jazz band that requires absolutely no talent to play".

Nugget - February 1963

I'm not sure who the cover girl here is; the magazine credits the photographer, but doesn't name the model.

Here are Nugget's book selections: basically a library of sex, guns and making money.

She's just hypnotized by the Nugget subscriber, paging through the works of Marquis de Sade and a Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs.

A couple of pretty cool record advertisements.  The 'sound effects' records were pretty big back when the hi-fi was a man's greatest possession.  Also, the Belgian Band Organ and Sing-A-Long Bawdy Songs.

"I've got some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell you" became a cliche for ripoffs schemes, but in retrospect, purchasing land in FL back in '63 probably would've yielded major profit years later.

A collection from Lew Magram, "Shirtmaker to the Stars"

Nugget's 1962 men's fashion winners.

And finally, here's their article on office parties in its entirety....


Dull politicians tout New York as a Summer Festival, but every true cave dweller sets his heart on the Winter Holidays, when the juice floweth at Office Shindigs and the Year's repressions fantastically unzip themselves - look!

Armed with an open mind and a camera, Nugget was recently invited to the first Manhattan office bash of the new holiday season. We'll give you a tip: if you ever get a similar invitation, don't say "No" because this was an occasion we'll never forget. It was about 6 p.m. when we got to the spanking new offices of this rising young corporation and things were quiet indeed as drinks were passed around by the office extrovert in convenient paper cups. Ice was added from a midget 'fridge discreetly tucked into the supply-room and the staff, as we viewed it, looked fairly fidgety and uncomfortable. This is going to be a lame, em­barrassing business, was our thought as we swished our Ca­nadian Club around and nerv­ously tapped our shoe, waiting for the action.

Yeesh.  This looks less like a frolicking office party than a sexual assault!

Well, we didn't have to wait long. What had be­gun cynically and with apparent yawning boredom soon reached heights of insanity that we had previously only fantasied, but never actually seen. A portable radio started beating out some muscle-loosening sounds, the good booze began taking effect, some impromptu twisting broke down the wall of shyness—and then there was no halting the energy once set in motion. Men and women who had done little more than nod at each other during the previous year were wrapped in embraces (as you'll see, via our candid camera) so torrid that we're sure they're warmed by the memory to this very day.

Nick the surface of "civilization," dear friends, and then watch out! Couples began disappearing into small offices, singles began running out of same offices in various stages of, ahem, shall we say disarray, various female undergarments suddenly flew through the air like the grooviest sort of con­fetti, and the climax was reached —as you can see by glancing to the left—when a slender secre­tary began what is without a doubt the most uninhibited am ateur strip ever performed on East 55th St.

We were told that she apologized to her boss the •text morning, but this gentle­man was so zonked he didn't remember a thing. Now we grant you that there are plenty of offices around town that would frown on this kind of urban bacchanale, but we have nothing but pity for such thin-blooded, busi­ness-above-all dreariness. In fact we're wrapping this partic­ular story up quickly because we have to cover the typewriters and nail down the desks for a little gathering of our own later in the day. Damn it, if we knew your phone number we'd ask you to make it — but no cameras, please!


  1. Cool to see the ad for Herbie Mann's Right Now album, I have it in my collection. Check out his 70's album called Push Push.
    Bonus: groovy pancakes album art.

    1. Isn't Push Push in one of this site's Tasteless Album Covers?

  2. Interesting to see these images. I certainly remember earlier eras of men's magazines, but this predates me. Very different.

  3. Yep, I totally believe the impartial journalism chronicling the office party. I am sure that is exactly what happened. Kids these days.

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is the Tisch-Bumbass thing a joke? I don't get it...