Vintage Men's Mags #44: Women with Weapons

The men's action rag gets a bad rap for being misogynistic.  Sure, there's no doubt they were... but they also featured a ton of powerful women as well.  For every helpless damsel being tortured by Nazis, there was a badass chick with a gun some schmuck's hide.

So, here's a stack of dangerous dames, lethal ladies, and warrior women for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

"Commie Killing Joy Girls"

Hot pants, heels, unbuttoned blouse and a rifle over her shoulder - my kind of lady.

Pirates with their wimpy parrots.... this badass Love Queen sports an black man on her shoulder.


  1. What a tremendous art form, which seems to be lost. Are there still illustrators that can do that stuff?

  2. so the internet is basically 50s-60s pulp fantasy made live

    1. Sorry GOG but most (if not all) of the internet features girls naked, period. Not the style, or class of the dames in these modern pulps. I have to agree with, um, Armpit. This is an art form you cannot see these days.

  3. OUTSTANDING - Happy to link - THANKS

  4. Got any, uh, European adventure magazines in the back room there?

  5. Gosh, this stuff is really great!!!

  6. This is GREAT! Quality artwork. Exciting pictures.