Vintage Scan #47: Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 1

I came across this goldmine of a time capsule to a world-long-gone - the bachelor's paradise that was the 1960s. It's a world of groovy chicks and go-go bars on every corner.  This particular newspaper is from the Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona locale, but it's no different than urban centers across this swingin' land in the 60s.

Indeed, this paper is so chock full of happenin' articles and shagadelic ads, that I can't squeeze it all into a single post.  This has to be taken page by page, not missing a detail.... and I've got several issues.  So, here is the first in a series on the mighty Bachelor's Beat.  Enjoy.

Page 1

For each page I will provide the full scan, the text for each article and a close up detail of the photographs/illustrations.  I know you're excited to read about "see through pants for men", but be patient.  It's on it's way.


Now I know another reason why the "squares" and the "over 30's" heap abuse onto the hair-covered shoulders of the hippie-type rock-and-roll musicians— they are jealous of the rollers' attraction for "groupies."

And for those who are not familiar with the term, a "group­ie" is a girl or woman who goes to bed with members of rock-and-roll groups, indiscrimin­ately.

According to a feature story carried in 'Time Magazine' last week, there are litterally (SP) thou­sands of American girls as young as 10, and women up to the age of 60 whose hobby and in some cases profession is sleeping with every rock and roll musician they can get.

There are so many groupies, Time reports, and they get to their sexual targets so often that many managers say they have trouble getting their bands up mornings — and sometimes in the evenings (and in shape) to play their engagements.

The way to become a groupie, says a pretty 25-year old groupie from San Francisco, is to sleep with numerous rock musicians, preferably with several from the same band on the same night.

Groupies regularly go to ex¬tremes to add to their score, in¬cluding doing such things as breaking into hotel rooms, brib¬ing gatemen and hotel clerks, and offering the bandmen free dope if they will sleep with them.

Among the groupies, says Time, are several who are in¬dependently wealthy or get big allowances (called "Super Groupies") from their parents, and travel with particular bands around the U.S. as well as a-broad, serving the members as "mistresses-of-all."

The typical groupie is dis¬tinguished by a wild hair-do and a way-out costume, all de¬signed to identify her and at¬tract the attention of the rock musicians.

Have you ever had that feeling that you were born before, or maybe after, your time?

Band Box Talent Hunt Paying Off

The Band Box talent search is paying off handsomely for sev­eral clubs around the Valley. Not only are winning contest­ants picking up cash prize money and a chance to vie for a three day trip to Vegas in the finales, but many of them are picking up jobs just for entering. "Numerous club owners have been turning out for Tuesday night talent shows," says the Band Box management. "We're glad to be of help in getting the owners and these talented young­sters together."

The talent contest has be­come quite a popular feature of the club that bills itself as "the hottest spot in town." But besides the amateur talent on display each Tuesday the Band Box offers top professional talent seven nights a week.

Larry Rickard and the New Breed provide the music for dancing and listening six nights and are joined for female vo­cals by Frannie Kella, a pert little brunette who can really belt out the tunes. Frannie and Larry team for duets that raise the roof and "rock the rafters" nightly.

On Monday nights the Mem­phis Soul, a popular young Phoe­nix soul group put on a show that has been described as "something else." They play, sing, dance, rock, swing and just generally "blow their minds" in their Monday night sessions and also during the Sunday jam sessions. Blacklight go-go is another regu­lar feature that is popular among Band Box goers, starring three of the state's top dancers. Shirley, Barbara and Ruby have all been winners in weekly dance contests at the Show Girl, and Shirley is the reigning queen of Phoenix dancers! The Sunday jam sessions at the Band Box are now featur­ing the new Phoenix group, "Chaos" a sensational group that was discovered by Fast Eddie in one of the Tuesday night talent contests.

The Band Box management also has announced that they will be undertaking some minor remodeling very soon which will enhance the appeal of the club without detracting from the en­tertainment. A sound specialist has been called in "to revamp the club's sound system. By changing the speaker system around the audio level will be­come more equal throughout the club," says the management.

The Philosopher
The practice of terror serves the true believer not only to cow and crush his opponents but also to invigorate and intensify his own faith. Every lynching in our South not only intimidates the Negro but also invigorates the fanatical conviction of white su­premacy — Eric Hoffer, THE TRUE BELIEVER.

Anniversary Party At Hangover Great

The first anniversary of the Hangover Lounge was described by Big Ed as a "roaring suc­cess". The bash featured the music of John and the trio fea­turing Mara, the "Valley'snum­ber one girl drummer," as well as a smorgasbord of turkey, barbeque meatballs, ham and the like.

The Hangover reminds all that they open at 6 a.m. to offer loads of "hair" or cures for their favorite ailment.

The anniversary party was the Hangover's method of saying "thank you" for such a success­ful first year at their location on west Camelback Road.

Busted Women Knock Assets

Why is it that the popular gal with the big breasts is the first to say that the bustline "isn't important?" and, why is it that the guy or gal with money often says money isn't important?

The latest celebrated bust to downgrade two of the attributes that contributed to her success is sex star Gina Lollobrigida.

"It's personality and how you look at a man that counts," she said. Try telling this to the chick who isn't stacked, and whose rep­utation for earthy sexiness does­n't even go around the block!

Problem In Homosexual San Francisco

A San Francisco girl told the House Ways and Means Committee today that the homosexual problem among men in San Francisco is mak­ing it rough for the single girls.

Dorothy Shinder — head of an organization of single per­sons — appeared before the Committee today to plead the case for more tax breaks for single people.

Says Miss Shinder, "The ever increasing number of homosexuals have furtherde-pieted the supply of available men. In San Francisco alone, they are reputed 80-thousand strong."

She adds . . . "More's the pity, when so many are so handsome -- what a waste."

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High Fliers Dig Prop
Elbow - benders bent on flying, or who just dig an aviation atmosphere for their imbibing are swarming around the mahogany of the Propeller Lounge on West Camelback. Owner Betty Ruel and her husband have outfitted their lounge with a swinging high-flying decor.

The Tune Twisters playweek-ends and in a Sunday jam ses­sion as well, at the Propeller. Betty Ruel says, "Watch for a surprise guest this Sunday at our jam session." 

Arizonans Can Say Thank You To GIs

Citizens of Arizona will have an opportunity to express their gratitude to our servicemen in Vietnam on March 8, 1969.

On that day, proclaimed PRO­JECT THANK YOU day by Mayor Graham, The Phoenix Jaycees and the Christian Reformed Laymens League, in conjunction with KTAR Radio and TV will spon­sor a Telethon.

Persons phoning the station may pledge dollars which will be used to purchase service packets.  These packets contain the highest demand items actually requested by our men in Vietnam.  Fifteen servicemen will receive packets for every ten dollars pledged. There are no salaries paid, nor expenses for promotions.  Thus, every dollar contributed is used as effectively as possible.

Diamonds: Gals Second Best Friend
Not many gals today would consider a diamond their best friend, but they are still nice to have around - especially if wedding bells are in the offing.

For those who may not be up on their diamond-sense here are some pointers: the finest diamonds are usually "white" (clear) in color, like a drop of distilled water. Other colors include orange, red, pink, blue, black, green, opalescent and even gray, yel­low and brown, which are the lowest quality of all.

When examining a diamond, try to look at it against a white background, and avoid having it near anything blue. Hold it with jeweler's tweezers, not your fingers. Diamonds are measured in carats, with 100 points to a carat. The cost is determined by four C"s: carat, color, cut and clarity, and may vary con­siderably for two diamonds of the same size. About the only way the aver­age diamond - buyer can be sure of getting value for his or her money is to deal only with repu­table jewelers.

See-Thru Pants For Men

A New York designer has in­troduced a line of men's trousers that are transparent.

The trousers, available in dot­ted voile, are designed to be worn without underwear.

Said designer Mort Augen-stein: "After all, men have something to show off, too!"

Critics of the see-thru pants say that Augenstein is catering to homosexuals and male per­verts who get their kicks by exposing themselves to others.

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Wild Cherry Swings

Dodie's back tending days at the Wild Cherry on West Indian School and "glad to be back." The Wild Cherry swings with the music of Lonnie and the Playmates five nights a week playing for the dancers and the comic go-go antics of Patty the "smallest go-go in the west" at only 3 1/2 feet tall.

The "big, hot mamma" and Sherrie also join in the fun at one of the west side's most swinging establishments.

Ireland Back at Blacksmith Shop

Renowned psychic Dr. Richard Ireland will again be playing at the Blacksmith Shop, announced owner Tim Skeens. Ireland will be playing performances at the unique Phoenix supper club on Saturday at 6:45 and 11:00 p.m. and on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.

Ireland is one of the most prominent clairvoyants in the world today. He will be demonstrating his extra sensory -perception in one of the most authentically "ole West" clubs in Arizona, The Blacksmith Shop is complete with its own ghost. Said to be the returning spirit of Henry Austin Jones, who founded the shop back in 1904. He died in 1961.

Also on the entertainment bill with Ireland will be guitarist and singer Larry Tuzon.

Male Gland Secretes Germ Killer
Men have their own built-in bacteria killer in the prostate glands, according to research­ers, who say that the male prostate secretes a fluid that kills germs.

Since women do not have this fluid secreting gland, continue the researchers, they have up to 10 times more urinary infec­tions than men.

Secretions from the prostate glands of dogs have been found to be deadly to 70 out of 74 bacterial strains.

Sweet But Bad

For people who are interested in good health, refined sugar contains lots of calories, but no vitamins. Blackstrap mo­lasses, a byproduct of sugar refining, is not very sweet but is chocked full of vitamins and health-giving minerals.

The Philosopher
A man likes you for what he thinks you are; a woman, for what you think she is— Ivan Panin.

Stay tuned for more....


  1. Every bar and club mentioned has a house band! Even the waitresses and go-go dancers get mentioned. The various tidbits of information- diamonds, male antibacterial secretions, etc- are fun additions. I picture Larry Tate from Bewitched buying this paper.

  2. RE: Jade Restaurant.

    The days of Chinese/Polynesian restaurants with lounges and dance floors have gone the way of the 70s. Too bad, they were great.

    1. Oh yes, how true. I lived near Cherry Hill, NJ where the Latin Casino ( a South Jersey nightclub that hosted all the greats, including the likes of Liberace and Sammy Davis, Jr. , etc. ....) yes, friends, THOSE were the places that you would see the throwback gals and guys that we have here on the wonderful Retrospace. So there!

  3. I spent seven months in Scottsdale/Phoenix in 1996 and I can tell you from personal experience that those were still swinging cities 25+ years after this newsletter was published.

    Scottsdale, near as I could tell, had absolutely no zoning in 1996. There was a Bentley dealer next to a trailer park next to an indoor gun range...right smack in the center of the city. Strip joints were EVERYWHERE, while the city also had The Sugar Bowl, which is the ice cream shop made famous in the comic strip "The Family Circus". That city was a totally random place.

    And, most notably, Scottsdale is where the greatest swinger of the 1970s, Bob Crane, met his demise in a still unsolved murder.

  4. Gentlemen, we gotta do something. We gotta bring back the swing!!!!

  5. Paul DucaMay 22, 2016

    Did they ever find Windy Thetford?