Vintage Scan #49: Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 3

Here is our third and last installment for the March 7th issue of Bachelor's Beat.  But have no fear - we have several more issues to go.  Can you dig it?

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Half-Million Teen Gals Active "Pros"

There are an estimated 500,000 girls in the U.S. be­tween the ages of 12 and 15 who engage in prostitution on a professional basis, according to Dr. Harlow Shapworth, a New York authority on child prob­lems.

Parental permissiveness and the pill are important reasons for this remarkable develop­ment, Dr. Shapworth believes.

The most important reason, however, noted Mrs. LuellaDicey, president of the National Child Welfare Association, is the complete lack of communi­cation between so many mothers and their daughters.

The second most important reason listed by Mrs. Dicey was misplaced trust many mothers put in their daughters.

Other reasons noted: "Re­specting the privacy of child­ren," treating children as "young adults," the new free­dom of sexual expression among adults, and the easy availability of contraceptive devices.

Interestingly enough, most of the young girls who engage in sex for money do so with men who are in their thirties, for­ties and fifties, according to Dr. Shapworth,

Profile Remodels

Andy Hubman is proud as punch these days over his newly re­decorated Profile Room.

Only the decor has been changed, however, the staff re­mains the same. Friendly Frank is still the night manager, pour­ing out his great mixtures. Serv­ing up the beverages is a de­lightful duo of lovely lasses, Linda Starr and Joyce Wright.

The Gil Monti Trio lays down the danceable sounds at the Pro­file, with Rick Gilberth and Jack Hoffman backing Gil's piano and vocals.

Perky Joanie tends for the day-trippers and Andy justsmiles all over his lush new carpeting.

Face Reading Facts: 

Men whose forehead and hair­line combine to form the shape of an "M" usually have highly developed creative powers, and often become painters, writers, musicians or actors—Boye De Mente,

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Swinging In Sunnyslope?

Who among you would ever have thought you'd some day be considering heading to Sunny-slope for a swinging time? Well, the day has come when that very idea might not seem too far out. With the opening of the Devil's Den on west Hatcher, Sunny-slope may become one of the swingingest areas of the Valley.

Tiny, the 320 pound proprietor. of the new all'nighter, invites one and all to participate in their after hours fun seven nights a week with live intertainment every night.

Jim Elias plays and Karen sings nightly at the Devil's Den. "Felice is an 'outta sight' bar­tender that everybody ought to get to know," said one satis­fied customer, "and Leona their six foot super broad dancer is something else."

Yes, it sounds like Sunny-slope is finally ready to swing.

Yucca Caters To Hungry

Margaret's Yucca lounge an­nounces they have a new special for the "tired and hungry." "Old fashioned sandwiches" will be the featured bill of fare, served complimentary with beverages each day beginning at 5 p.m.

"A lot of people like a little snack with their cocktails after a hard day's work," says Mar­garet, "so we aim to please them.''

Tiger's Den Grand Opening

A groovey belly dancer head­lines the grand opening of the Tiger's Den, on March 14 and 15. Caira, the belly dancer, is joined by a delightful go-go show and to make it even more inter­esting, Carol Foster, theTiger's Den manager, has offered to spring for the first beer dur­ing the grand opening party.

Gals Nice But Cheat

Gals may be made of spice and everything nice, but they cheat more often on tests than the boys, according to Richard L. Krebs, clinical psychologist at the Sinai Hospital in Balti­more.

Krebs said there was other evidence that girls resorted more often to schemes and trick­ery than men.

The Philosopher

Capitalism demands the best of every man — his rationality — and rewards him accordingly —Ayn Rand

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AIC Presents "Firebug"

"The Firebugs" by Max Frisch, will be staged by Ac­tors Inner Circle March 6 through 16 at Phoenix Theatre Center. This play enjoyed wide crticial acclaim when it was produced in 1958 and again in 1967 off-Broadway. Tickets are on sale at the Phoenix Theatre Center,

"We chose this play because it is singularly contemporary in theme," said AIC producer Michael Byron. "In light of to­day's unrest in the cities and on the campuses, "Firebugs" is as timely as the newspaper headlines. We think it will in­terest and attract theatergoers and concerned members of the Now generation."

Regarded as Frisch's best work, the play is both a parable and a warning. The arsonists in the tense drama are played by Michael Byron and Nick Nolte. Their victims are, Gene Smith and Diane Froese, who play the Biedermans (Mr. and Mrs. Mid­dle class Americans'). Their charming, lovely, but excitable maid, is played by Shiela Paige.

AIC director Mel Welser stresses the contemporary rele­vance of the play. "Major so­cial and cultural change often elicits suspicion, fear and vio­lence," he said. As a result, the movement is corrupted by the loss of humanity that originally motivated it. In any movement, ideals may be lost along the way," he said.

"Our production of Frisch's drama poses the timely ques­tion of whether present protest movements are the start of a great renaissance, a birth of freedom and opportunity for all, or whether they have instead lost humanity and become cor­rupt."

Big Chance For Toilet Inventor

Of all the problems facing America's space engineers none have proven more elusive of solution than how to come up with a convenient and practical "john" for astronauts.

So far, the scientists have not done any better than "can-nisters," plastic bags and anti-laxative pills.

This may be an opportunity for a would-be inventor to go down in history by coming up with a spaceship "out-house" that solves the problem.

Tempe Club Has Top Entertainment

Popular entertainers Char­lotte Dixon and Norm Morrow are currently enhancing the at­mosphere of the Melody Lounge.

This duo has recorded with Way Ion Jennings but play "every type of groovin* music" to please every type of listener. Stop in to see Charlotte and Norm, Thursday thru Saturday nights -- 9 to 1The Melody Lounge, a Tempe favorite, is located at 1346 N. Scottsdale Rd. at Hayden Plaza East.

Dancing At Apollo Aids Boys Camp

Bachelor guys who like to dance are still invited to make it to the Apollo in Scottsdale to help the go-go gals there with their campaign to help the Ari­zona Boys Community. At the suggestion of musician Skip Nel­son, Apollo owner Helen Kuzmanoff has arranged for her gals to dance with patrons who are willing to pay a twenty five cent donation toward the home for juvenile delinquent boys.

"We'll eventually fill a jar we have on exhibit with cash," says Helen, "then we'll make the donation to the home."

The club expects their end contribution to be in excess of a hundred dollars and it should be completed within the next couple weeks.

Desert Star A Favorite

The Desert Star up on Bell Road has always been one of the favorite spots of Turf Para­dise patrons and is developing into one of the fast growing north side's favorite cocktail watering hole.

The fabulous Sordainaires play for the dancing on weekends and Sunday features a swinging jam session beginning at 6:30.

Lovers Unloved!

"The Lovers" has,a long list of credits, rave reviews, and Art Carney but none of these forestalled the exodus at intermission on opening night. This exem­plifies that local audiences, for the most part, are not liberal enough to accept theatrics di­verse from the norm.

"Lovers" is a two act play de­picting the winners and losers, comedy and tragedy of the life game.

The supporting cast, all from the Dublin Gate Theatre, per­formed with wit, charm and en­thusiasm and their Irish brogue was refreshing to hear, but this was not enough to keep the first act from dragging. The second act was worth all the advance raves the cast received and de­served.

"The Lovers" will be playing at the Palace West until Sunday, March 9.

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Alright - I hope you enjoyed our tour through the March 7, 1969 issue.  Stay tuned for the next edition.


  1. "Interestingly enough, most of the young girls who engage in sex for money do so with men in their thirties, forties, and fifties, according to Dr. Shapworth." Eww, something about this part of the article (about 12-15 year olds!) sounds like it is supposed to be titillating...

    And "Andy just smiles all over his lush new carpeting." ???

  2. I want to know what the "other amusements" were in 1969 at The Bungalow, featuring Claudia and Patty.

  3. Maybe some of those young girls work at Bud's House of Double. That sounds like a place where I wanna hang out.

  4. Amazingly enough, the Hi-liter is still open at the same location.