Ads #86: The Saturday Evening Post (Feb 14, 1953)

Here are some ads I have scanned from the Valentine's Day issue of The Saturday Evening Post 1953. Behold the wonder of decaf, the wholesome power of oats, the glory of grippie underwear, and the splendor of decorative fridge covers...

Double Feature #31: Spanish Inquisition

Inquisition (1978)/ The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

These are very similar films.  Both feature a Grand Inquisitor who's, obviously, a cruel religious zealot who tortures and condemns supposed witches.  But, deep down, he's still a man who has needs, and subsequently falls victim to lust, which is his undoing.

In Inquisition, the Witchfinder General is Paul Naschy who is tempted by Daniela Giordano.  In The Pit and the Pendulum, the Inquisitor is Lance Henriksen and the object of his lust is Rona de Ricci.

Enjoy the shows!


Vintage Men's Mags #47: Girly Mag Tour - Part 1

Let's go behind the curtain, pull a few random vintage girlie magazines off the shelf, pour ourselves a glass of bourbon, and browse.  It's the start of our analysis and inventory of Retrospace's vast girlie magazine library. Today's selection:

Fury (1962), California Girl (1973), Exotica (1962), Highball (1964), Jolie (1962), and Spree (1963)

There is essentially no nudity in this post, but I'd still say it's NSFW.  So, get ready for some hot vintage chicks, awesome advertising, and lewd comics.  Enjoy!


Vinyl Dynamite #65

Today's Vinyl Dynamite selections: Pufnstuf, the movie soundtrack, The Harrad Experiment featuring the vocal stylings of Don Johnson, and a Starland Vocal Band record.


TV Guide #17: April 14-20, 1979

Another issue of TV Guide, coming right up.  This issue hails from the fine year of 1979.  Enjoy!

Pulp Pages #9: Rage (Feb 1957)

I can't help but be reminded of Zappa's "Weasels Ripped My Flesh!" with this cover.  Inside, we're treated to articles on Blaze Starr, one supposedly written by Elvis, and plethora of odd and interesting ads.  Let's have a look...


Vintage Reads #56: Sex Instruction Book Ads

Old magazines, especially men-only rags, were brimming with advertisements for sex advice books.  During the 1950s, it wasn't easy for a young man to get the know-how he needed to feel confident when that special moment arrived.  A guy's greatest fear was looking like a clueless fool on his wedding night - and with precious little pre-marital opportunity, it was a very real possibility.  Thankfully, there were illicit ads in the back of those forbidden girlie magazines which promised him the knowledge and skills needed to confidently deflower his bride.


Kid Stuff #22: SuperMag (Vol.4, No.6) 1980

I can't look at anything with Robin Williams without feeling sad.  Maybe it'll wear off, but for now, I get a tinge of sadness which prevents me being able to really laugh at his stuff the way I used to.

But enough of this melancholy.  I loved these SuperMags when I was in school - and looking at them really takes me back.  As I recall, I ordered them from school book orders (along with Dynamite).  Looking at them now, they're not as wonderful as I remember, but still worth a quick walk down memory lane...


Album Covers #47: Babes on Front, Bros on Back

As you might imagine, for instrumental acts and traditional music, your audience isn't quite as concerned with how the musicians look.  Sure, all the teenyboppers wanted to have Lief Garrett or Andy Gibb on the cover, but a middle aged dude in 1973 could give a flying shit if the trumpet player is on the cover... in fact, he probably prefer it if he wasn't.

So, what to put on the covers of these albums?.... Hmmm. Let's think.  These records were bought almost exclusively by males, and the term "objectification of women" hadn't been invented yet.  I think you'll agree it was a natural choice to go with cheesecake in lieu of the actual musicians.  Given the sheer volume of cheesecake LPs for this type of music back then, I'd say it was a successful strategy.


TV Guide #16: Aug 31-Sept 6, 1985

This issue's glorious cover promises to be an outstanding edition... but, alas, it's just a lame article on George Peppard, and it's the summer, so not much to be hyped about in terms of programming.

Still, we haven't yet ventured into the 1980s with our TV Guide posts, and there's plenty here of interest.  Let's have a look...

Magazines #53: US (June 6, 1983)

Sit back and enjoy an edition of US weekly from the summer of 1983 - a periodical where Morgan Fairchild exists alongside Nina Hagen; where aerobics, tobacco, Lou Reed, Plymouth Turisomos and OJ Simpson all live in harmony.  Enter the world of US 6/6/83.


Mini Skirt Monday #215: White Minis

To continue with our color theme, where moving on to white. Recall, last time we covered yellow (MM 214), and we've also done red minis (MM 199), pink minis (MM 188), black minis (MM 74), and striped minis (MM 92).


Opinions and Rants #45: Is It Any Wonder?

It's been a couple years; we're long overdue for another rant.  This is basically a reflection on why certain things have gone south today.  Not an empirical, historical look, but rather a ranting, tubthumping look... but no less valid, in my view.

Grab, a beer, pull up a chair, and have a listen to a good old fashioned, 'what's wrong with this world' speech....


Wonder Woman: S2E11

Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2 - December 9, 1977

Here is the continuation of the Wonder Woman two-parter. It's written by Stephen Kandel - a guy who wrote an unfathomable variety of TV episodes including the animated Star Trek, The Love Boat, Sea Hunt, McGyver, Vega$, Cannon, Batman, Dynasty, The Six Million Dollar Man, I Spy, and a ton more... so, you know it has to be good, right? Wrong.  .


Vintage Style #50: German Fashion - Part 1 (1968/1970)

I have quite a stack of scanned German fashion magazine pages - many more of these to come.  We're starting with a couple Burda Moden magazines, one from January 1968, the other from June 1970.  Genie├čen!

Vintage Men's Mags #46: Modern Man Covers

Was there a girlie magazine more consistent than Modern Man with its covers?  Where Playboy, Tiger, Rogue, Fling, etc. would get creative - Modern Man was steadfast in its faithfulness to the  One Woman w/ Cleavage layout.

Never did it experiment with maybe adding two women.  Never did it go heavy on the props and setting.  Simplicity ruled on Modern Man: Just feature a chick with cleavage and be done with it.

Modern Man came before Playboy (1951), but it didn't last as long.  Wikipedia has it expiring in 1967; however, as the covers below attest - it was alive and well in the 1970s.

So, here's a giant stack of Modern Man covers, keepin' it simple.  It's interesting to see, as we scroll through the years, the amount of skin gradually increases.  Enjoy.

Occult #15: Mixology 1974

Well, I've published 15 occult posts in 8 years, and 3 of them are Mixology posts.  Needless to say, the occult is not my big thing - even though it was definitely a big thing in the seventies.

I couldn't resist posting yet another one of these fab astrology inserts. Booze and the occult go so well together Enjoy.


Ads #85: Women's Shoes

Enjoy a hodgepodge of women's shoe advertisements from the 1960s-1980s.

Double Feature #30: Madame Diana Dors

 Swedish Wildcats (1972)/What the Swedish Butler Saw (1975)

In addition to having "Swedish" in the titles, both of these films feature a well-past-her-prime Diana Dors as a whorehouse madame.  But that's where the comparisons end - these two flicks couldn't be more different. Let's have a look...


The Groovy Age of Travel #14: Stewardesses (Part 3)

We'll consider this part 3 since we've been down this road a couple times before (see Groovy Age of Travel #8 and Mini Skirt Monday #18).  Anyway, the San Diego Air and Space Museum has an amazing collection of vintage air travel pictures - all with “No Known Copyright Restrictions”.  Naturally, I pulled 30 of the better stewardess pics for my Retrospace readers to enjoy....

Vintage Scan #51: YANK (Oct. 22, 1944)

 I found this issue of YANK at an estate sale; obviously a possession of a WWII veteran.  It's pretty well-worn, yellowed, and on its way to crumbling.  So, I figured I should get to scanning while I still can.  I've touched up the pages so they're legible and also provided a link to download the whole issue.  Enjoy!


Vintage Wheels #26: 1970s Custom Car Magazines

In Vintage Wheels #24 we looked at the gorgeous covers of Italy's Starter magazine.  It's perhaps not so classy this time around, but Custom Car magazine still offers smoking hot babes straddling vintage wheels.  Let's have a look at some issues from the 1970s...


Vintage Scan #50: Ice Capades 1991

In case you're keeping track, this is our fifth installment of Ice Capades programs.  We've done 1962, 70, 75, 78... and while this doesn't have near the charm and kitschy allure of the others, it's still an interesting look at the State of the Capades in 1991.  Enjoy.


TV Guide #15: Feb. 26- Mar 4, 1977

Don't let this godawful cover fool you - this is a great issue.  Martha Raye looks like an angry Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson looks like a chubbier Bill Bixby... but never mind that.  This one's got ads for the infamous Brady Bunch variety show, Sly on Kojak, and best of all, Bigfoot!  Let's have a look...


Vintage Wheels #25: 1970s Auto Equipment Ads

I did a couple auto equipment posts in 2010, then another in 2013.  Time for round four.  One thing these all have in common: the "sex sells" principle is in full effect.  Of all the products out there that try and sell the sizzle, perhaps none are as consistently sexy (or sleazy) as the auto equipment ads from yesteryear.  Whether it's steering wheel covers or mufflers, a hot chick in the advertisement was always a must.

Anyway, enjoy another round. All of these are from the 1970s, with just a couple falling into 1969.


Vintage Men's Mags #45: Jem (Feb 1958)

We're going to take a tour through the whole February 1958 issue of Jem, with complete articles, advertising, humor, and, of course, the babes.  Let's begin...


Needlework A-Go Go #39

Coming to you from The Year of the Cosby Sweater, 1985, is a pattern book from Bramwell yarns.  Are you ready for an overdose of teased hair, high waisted pants and puffy sleeves? We won't judge you if you decide it's just too much 80s for one sitting.


Catalogs #50: Spiegel - Fall & Winter 1961 (Part 3)

In this issue, we round out the women's clothing section - which makes me sad, as I can't get enough of that Jackie-O, Betty Draper style.  Then, we look at women's shoes, and next issue (gulp) - you guessed it - lingerie and undergarments.  Stay tuned.


The Groovy Age of Travel #13: TWA Ambassador 1969

Remember TWA?  Like many airlines after the deregulation, it saw its glory days (much under Howard Hughes) in the rearview mirror, and bankruptcy ahead.  By the time Flight 800 exploded over the Atlantic, the company had the most rundown planes on the tarmac, and the company's days were numbered.  Eventually, after huge layoffs and closure of its KC hub, TWA was bought by American.

But let's not dwell on these dark times, and instead go back to 1969 when they were still flying high (except for a few hijackings here and there, of course) and look at an edition of their free onboard magazine Ambassador.  Enjoy.


Vintage Reads #55: Bad Girl Books

Vintage sleazy paperbacks were chock full of nymphos, wanton women, husband chasers and teenage tramps.  Of course, the males are hapless victims, innocently caught under their spell.

So, here is a library of lust queens, hussies, and temptresses. Enjoy.


Magazines #52: McCall's (March 1969)

Here's a bunch of pages from a 1969 issue of McCall's.  No articles (nothing in here interested me), just ads and fashion... but that's enough for me.  Enjoy.


Double Feature #29: Psycho Killers '87

Tonight's Double Feature is Blood Rage and Anguish, both from 1987, and both featuring a tormented killer; however, the films couldn't be more different.  Let's have a look...


Vintage Style #49: T-Shirts (Part 2)

Our closets here at Retrospace are so full of T-shirts, we couldn't fit them all into one post.  Here's another round of glorious vintage tees... and please, I beg of you, don't ever wear your t-shirts ironically. Iron-Ons - Yes.  Irony - No.

Vintage Style #48: T-Shirts (Part 1)

The 1970s truly was the decade of the T-shirt.  In prior decades, it was just too casual for public use - plus, they weren't emblazoned with your favorite bands, etc.  In the 70s, it was an identity statement, and with iron-ons, you could have a limitless selection of choices.

By the late 1980s, T-shirts were relegated to concert tees, and lame Ocean Pacific/Panama Jack varieties.  The once ubiquitous tacky tees took a hit during the Reagan/Bush era - but at least it wasn't a common practice to wear your t-shirts ironically. (groan)

Anyway, here is Part One* of a heaping pile of ads and images from the T-shirt's glory days, when it seemed like every magazine, every product, and every pop culture figure could be worn across your chest.  It's an interesting time capsule - let's have a look....

* Part Two coming very soon!