Ads #85: Women's Shoes

Enjoy a hodgepodge of women's shoe advertisements from the 1960s-1980s.


Apparently, this was a thing.  I've seen a number of ads from the late sixties for shoe coloring.  I don't think it ever really caught on - too much trouble, and it probably didn't look right.


Is she indecisive? Afraid?  Ah, the struggles of being monolingual (and too lazy to Google translate).

These 1967+68 Clarks Skyline ads feature some groovy colors.  You might say it's a "Colour-Baloo"


I love how Pink Lady is advertising shoes they're not even wearing.  I won't hold it against them - their American TV show in the 1980s (Pink Lady & Jeff) more than makes up for it.

God, I remember this trend all too well; the matching Reeboks and their ilk. Glad it went the way of acid washed denim.

"One pair of ill-fitting shoes can damage them forever"
Wow.  I've never seen scare tactics in a shoe ad before.

Remember these?  If not, I highly recommend you NOT lookup Gay Foams on the internet.

There was a brief period in the late sixties where a variety of tights and hosiery were the rage; from fishnets to funky patterns and a rainbow of colors.  It's a style I wish to live to see again.


Lastly, here's a few Scholl's ads featuring chicks in miniskirts....


  1. Pink Lady,The same bimbos that promised me Cheap Trick on their American TV premier...and gave me footage from the live at Buddakahn concert.Never forgave them.

    1. Surely some of that blame falls to Jeff Altman... or those rascally Kroff bros.

    2. Yeah, you can't blame Pink Lady for anything bad. They're cute, and they had no idea what was going on with their show or what anyone was saying.

  2. Ah, Scholl's sandals, the sexiest footwear in history